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    Greetings All:

    We had a good time last night on Zello. Founderant’s topic last night was:”How Do You Heat Your Home in Winter If the Power is Out.” It was a good topic and a lot of area was covered; from wood stoves to Clay Pot heaters. It seem that most had gas log fire place heating they could use and a little talk of duel natural Gas and Propane Gas use. The Buddy Heater was also mentioned, I have one of those also that I use in Winter Camping. Also Sleeping Bags was spoken of also.

    So; let carry last night conversation over to todays topic. And please remember the first Wednesday of each month at 9pm is ANTS Zello night. So please join us and add to the conversation. Also we are working on a National Echolink night for those of us who have a Ham license also, it’s still in the development stage.

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