• I was advised to take metamusel…but i got that one figured out with more fiber (thank God i love the taste of wheat). As far as heart-attack risk… the doc explained how the heart doesnt get enough oxegen, so its a matter of time,i dont know the stats on that one, i just know that i dont want to be at any risk if i can help it. So, i get a…[Read more]

  • I forgot to make a very important point when i posted. That one of the problems with anemia is how it affects a persons ability to think clearly. Which is critical in an emergency situation. Looking back i could see so many symptoms, but thought it was due to stress. Thanks Mollypup for sharing the tip about cast iron. I did buy cast iron after…[Read more]

  • Im hoping this an appropriate place to share this info. It is my hope that i might help folks avoid having my experience with medical professionals. I got a call from the docs office who advised me to go to MedExpress asap to get a blood test… they said that my hemoglobin was low, and they needed an independent lab to verify this. I really didnt…[Read more]

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