• In the last few years I’ve retired, became a widow and although I continue to prep its a very different scenario than previously. I’m eliminating seriously old canned goods and replacing with smaller sized cans. I still garden and can/freeze/dehydrate/store the harvest. This year’s garden is pretty much a total loss so will be using the extra…[Read more]

  • I bought a used separator when we had goats, but it did not work. I was never able to make butter from goats milk.

    Cows milk is simple, let set in fridge overnight and then skim cream off in the morning.

    I used to give my ds the churn and tell him he had to churn the butter while he watched TV. He was a TV addict and I wouldn’t let him watch…[Read more]

  • All good answers. Basically if you want butter from goats milk you will need to buy a cream separator which is an expensive item. Used separators are not a good bet unless they have been in use very recently and even then I’d give it a try before buying if possible. Cows milk is much much easier as it separates itself and all you need to do is…[Read more]

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