• @IronDawg wrote:

    Y’all are truly amazing!

    So I read this thread Friday (yes all of it). I was inspired to at least study the feasibility of incorporating dehydrating into my preps. I bought a cheap one (Oyster $40.00 @ WalMart) and have already started. If I can fit it into my daily schedule, I’ll upgrade to a couple of nicer models.

    I just…

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  • @Twinkie wrote:

    I’ve tried baking bread over the years; but am dismal at it. So, if we EVER have to bake our own bread grinding our own wheat, I’ll just have to fix chapatis and tortillas and we’ll just have to make do with those. For now, it’s commercial bread for us unless things go really south on us. 🙂

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  • Hello from Colorado. I am a new prepper. I mainly tell people I am taking care of my family when they question why I am doing what I do. My food storage is growing every week, yet the more I read the more I feel unprepared to truly take care of my family. I have garden boxes ready for Spring planting and plans for a chicken coop. I can’t cook a…[Read more]

  • Preparing my children without scaring them is something I personally battle. We are a close family and the children are involved, my oldest helped put together the BOB’s. The kids loved learning new ways to start a fire aside from using a match. But many times they ask why. Why do we need to have an alternate meeting place? Why would we not be…[Read more]

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