• I have outsmarted myself with squirreling away my preps. I have some dental care stuff, notably temporary filling stuff, that I had a sudden, urgent need of. Still can’t find it, and I have a tooth that cracked through the root. Probably that almond that I had in my salad. See what happens if you try to eat healthy? As long as I sit perfectly…[Read more]

  • @watcher wrote:

    Here are my latest dehydrating notes in one file. It is a word document. I will update and repost as I do different things.

    This looks like a great resource, especially to noobs like myself, thanks! 🙂

  • One thing I am learning from these massive snowstorms is that it doesn’t take long for me to bored and antsy and irritated that I can’t go anywhere. Snow days were only fun when I was a kid and it meant days off from school and building snow forts. I have a thousand things to do in the house, but the minute I can’t (or really really shouldn’t)…[Read more]

  • Here we go again. I hope everybody here from the South is hanging in there, snug in their homes. Please wish us north of you the same for tomorrow!

    I stopped in the grocery store earlier to pick up a few things for my sister and her husband, and although the shelves were nowhere near stripped, there were a lot of people there for a Wednesday…[Read more]

  • I have all kinds of preps for every situation I can think of. Suddenly I realized that I was short on just plain old sturdy clothes. It hit me when my washing machine ate another sock. My mom, who I thought was crazy at the time, had a big stockpile of underwear, socks, sweatshirts, jeans, etc. if the SHTF, i would shortly be wearing rags or…[Read more]

  • Well, I don’t know.if I feel guilty so much as mulish. The power went out here for whatever reason, and my faithful gennie kicked right in. (Yay!). So here I sit, lights, heat, TV, and all that good stuff. Being nosy, I peeked out my window to see how my neighbors were faring. No one else has a generator, which I suspected…but I didn’t see…[Read more]

  • Which of those two choices do people prefer? Which give better light? Which fuel burns longer? I have read that kerosene is cheaper and has excellent shelf life, but also that it is more dangerous to store than lamp oil, and definitely burns dirtier. On the other hand, kerosene lamps might be a better source of warmth.

    I’m sure this topic has…[Read more]

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