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    thanks for the link to the homemade berkey type filter- awesome! wouldn’t have thought of that, even though it looks so simple. Much cheaper too. Can’t wait to show that one to hubby. 😀
    Now…to find me some food grade buckets and i’m good to go. yaaay!!

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    Thanks for the welcome (a lil late coming..sorry)!
    I just glad to have found someplace where I’m not the only one prepping- was amazed to realize just how many are out there, doin the very same thing. Phew! What a relief…I’m not crazy afterall. lol 😉

  • Ok folks….I’ve never ever considered sprouts, but this has about convinced me to give it a go. I always assumed it was harder than it evidently is- looks so simple a toddler could do it. I feel kinda silly now. lol
    Thanks for all the links guys- very helpful. I’ll letchya know how it goes.

  • Birdgirl,
    Don’t feel bad for where you are- you’re learning, just like the rest of us. Everyone is in a different stage of preparation it seems and we can all learn something from one another. I haven’t been dehydrating long myself, but have found it has let me store a lot more than I thought I could, in our lil house. I have not frozen any meat,…[Read more]

  • birdgirl,
    something you may try is dehydrating your fresh foods, if you garden or use an organic farmers market. I recently started dehydrating and its been pretty helpful in using smaller quantities of food, only when I need to. Canning, of course, is another option, but it’s something that takes up more time in preparation than dehydrating…[Read more]

  • those seed block makers look incredibly easy- thanks for sharing! think i might make some to get an early start on the seeds.

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    i just tried frybread a few weeks ago, for the first time. I used gluten free flour, as I have celiac disease, but it still didn’t turn out half bad. It was a bit chewy though but was good. I put honey on it and it was great! Bread of any kind is a treat to me and this was very easy and good for any meal- breakfast or dinners.

  • oh!..forgot to ask. has anyone tried lasagna gardening before? I just heard about it recently,regarding soil preparation and wondered if anyone has tried it and found it successful for them? If so, lemme know how it went.

  • does anyone have good directions on how to actually build the raised beds? I’ve never built them before but plan on doing it as my lawn soil is aweful. I want to make sure the things can hold right and not fall apart on me or something lol
    Right now, i’ve also been looking into where i’m buying my heirloom seeds from too, as I’m finding some…[Read more]

  • mltplmom,
    do you have any links for telling how to use that cold pack method? id never heard of it before.

  • wow….had no idea they’d take that long. good to know. thanks icefire

  • Edea, i have been having the same prob. i didnt see your post before so i started a thread on it. hopefully will hear some tips from someone soon.

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    thanks for all the great ideas. i also got a great book a while back off ebay for a few bux called “Back to Basics, A Complete Guide To Traditional Skills” by Abigail R. Gehring
    tells how to dig wells,make soaps the old way,etc. very handy book to have on hand.

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    thanks for the recommendation. 😀 I have studied natural childbirth for several years but its great to have a book on hand that covers those things ya just have no idea about. I will definitely be checking these out to add to my library of prep books.

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    I dont have any farm critters as i live in town…just barely. I have much experience with horse, dogs, cats in their care and can do whatever is needed with them, for the most part,including minor injury care to foaling. I have learned to can and started dehydrating food this year as well. I can fix most things unless i need hubbys help lifting…[Read more]

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    Hey Kymber!
    i had to comment on the diva cup since ive been using one for several yrs now. i can totally relate to your experience though 😆
    My first few periods were similar but i guess i’m too stubborn and was bound and determined to make it work. lol I did find a trick for it eventually (taking it out that is)- since it tends to “climb” as…[Read more]

  • New and checking in from Ohio. I heard about the forum from Newsweeks article called “survivalism Lite” off of Steve Quayle’s site. 😀

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