• My wife was raised on a farm in nothern MN. i think she feels she already had to live like that and is resisting. but she married me, her dad and i are two peas in a pod so she can’t be running too far from her childhood. I’ll keep praying. the hard part is like old_viking said in a different post, about how everything is SLOWLY going down…[Read more]

  • My wife rolls her eyes at me too. Tells our friends that I think the world is gonna end… more worried about gas and bread being $8 bucks a pop is more like it.

  • New to forum but not to prepping…well at least the practice of it. Stay at home wife and 2 young sons make my prepping very slow. Right now i’m concentrating on “skills” more than “things”. i believe in the long run if i can teach my boys how to farm, shoot (several different arms), prepare a kill, fix things, weld you name it they will…[Read more]

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