• Just a heads-up on another story in the Captain Dave Series.
    Many, many years ago – say about forty – the Maritime Services Board of New South Wales sent out letters to registered owners who moored their boats in the Cook’s River, and advertised in the local papers for the benefit of owners unknown, that all boats that were either on illegally…[Read more]

  • The next morning both Matt and Dianne were up early, had had breakfast, fed the kids and were ready for whatever tasks around the house and farm needed doing. Not that there was all that much to do anyway. The ladies first occupied themselves with a very small amount of cleaning, as Bron’s house was spotless to begin with, deciding what to p…[Read more]

  • They finally drifted off into a deep and restful sleep, waking only a little later than they usually did but opting to lie in for another fifteen minutes. When they finally got out of bed Dianne headed for the shower whilst Matt set about preparing breakfast, which was something that he usually did on Sunday mornings anyway.
    “I’ll hav…[Read more]

  • At the landscape and gardening company that employed him Matt was head of one of three teams of six men each, working mostly on jobs for large businesses, although there were also a growing number of McMansion clients who wanted their outlying rural area acreages landscaped. On some properties, particularly when the clients were elderly, they…[Read more]

  • Hi Tom.

    I think Ray might have his heart set on Sarah, however her brother Simon….
    Remember the beautiful Julia Tan whose parents own the bakery and cafe?
    (Though I may be getting too far ahead of myself: We’ll have to wait and see.)

    😉 Shin.

  • * * *

    A cloudy morning greeted them and rain had been forecast for the afternoon so it was decided that rather than begin work on their bathroom straight away they’d first help Rob and Bron out by putting the pavers and besser blocks under the van, and cleaning its fridge. Following a quick breakfast the tools and cleaning g…[Read more]

  • Thanks Tom.

    I started another story a while back and wrote about two pages before getting writer’s block, but in the last week I’ve been able to add enough to make it worth posting. I’ve titled it The Runaway and you’ll find a number of familiar characters in it as it’s intended to be a part of the Captain Dave story. The story isn’t complete…[Read more]

  • Book 6

    The Runaway

    Raymond (Ray) Pawley was only eleven years old when his mother took him and fled the family home with her lover, though why she’d taken Ray with her was a complete mystery to him: She’d never been one to show much if any affection towards him before, and seemed to have even less time for him since. Not only that; her new…[Read more]

  • Hi IceFire,
    Thank you very much for the tip on colloidal silver. I seem to recall reading some time ago that it was in common use up until modern antibiotics came on the scene. Apparently CS dressings were commonly used in WWI to dress wounds.
    Our local pharmacist, one who is not beholden to the pharmaceutical companies, is also a qualified…[Read more]

  • Sunday turned out to be quite a busy day: Dirk and Rob removed, repaired and replaced the van’s roof hatch, though not before having to cut out some dry rot they’d found and build a new housing for it, and replaced the two water damaged ceiling panels with thin sheets of plywood. They also tore out the badly damaged linoleum floor cov…[Read more]

  • Although confident that his electrical wiring was up to code he decided that it might be a good idea to have it checked by a qualified electrician before putting up the last few lining boards that would conceal it.
    Friday morning had begun with a few brief showers but by midday the sun was out in full force and with no rain forecast for…[Read more]

  • When the two couples met up for breakfast in the hotel’s dining room in the morning they decided that they should all go to the range together in Dirk’s truck then come back and visit uncle Bob at the fire station, and have look at the old engines he and his mates were working on. They’d work out what to do about lunch when the majority felt hungr…[Read more]

  • When Dirk arrived at Frank’s house it turned out that he did have some work on, though as he wasn’t going to be using it loaned Dirk the post-hole digger while at the same time telling him that weather permitting, if he was available next week his assistance with another job would be appreciated.
    “No problem, Frank,” Dirk told him, th…[Read more]

  • Now with access to just about all the building material they needed, in tandem with demolition of the Anderson house construction of their small cottage began to progress in earnest, though it wasn’t by any means going to be a very fast build. One of the problems they faced with the demolition of the old house was that its hardwood timbers h…[Read more]

  • Following a relaxing Sunday when they did nothing much more than go swimming and potter around the camp site, Dirk spent all of Monday plus Tuesday morning helping Frank with another fencing job while Sally kept herself busy by alternately working in the garden and knitting, along with a very successful attempt at baking a Mexican mud-cake…[Read more]

  • Following an early breakfast at the hotel where the four met up again in the morning they proceeded to the Fire Brigade building to ask if it would be OK for them to join the barbeque when Dirk had finished his training. Rob surprised everyone when at the same time he suddenly decided that if it was OK by the Captain he’d like to stay with Dirk a…[Read more]

  • Not only had they all showered but by the time the regular staff turned up for work in the morning one set of the French ten-light doors had been loaded onto Dirk’s truck, taken back to the camp-site and placed in the shed. Rob had found that there were also narrow glazed panels that flanked each set of doors and he’d put a finger to his lip…[Read more]

  • After breakfast, and retrieving their laundry from the tumble dryer, Dirk headed for the hardware store to buy the bags of Kwik-set concrete needed for bedding the stumps while Sally went to the haberdashery, taking with her the short length of scarf that she had knitted. When she showed the piece to the ladies there they were quick to praise…[Read more]

  • Despite that she wouldn’t be going into the village Sally had risen at the same time as Dirk and made breakfast before he left, with orders to book them into the hotel for that night if it was possible as she wanted to have another long hot shower. After he’d gone she went back to bed again, intending to get a bit more sleep, however it was…[Read more]

  • Hi IceFire.
    Good to see that APN is still active and that you’re still here.
    Sorry I’ve been inactive for so long but I haven’t been as well as I could be for some time now. I had a relapse of the Leukemia and am back on chemotherapy, but I’ve even had to suspend that for a while as I have just had two rounds of TURPs. (Admitted to the ED in great…[Read more]

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