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    @Jericho wrote:

    I like the 7.62×51 /.308 for its ability to:
    turn cover into concealment…
    perform effectively at ranges requiring a good set of optics…
    take down most game…
    defeat personal protection systems…
    make a lot of noise were noise alone can win the day….

    Yes, the ammo is heavier than 5.56 and 22lr, and those have their place.…

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  • I’m afraid its only going to get worse. Illinois is dominated by Chicago politics. You know Chicago, right? I hear they gave a fellow named Bill Ayers their “Citizen Of The Year Award” in 1997. And, I’ve heard rumors Mr. Ayers blew up police departments and the Pentagon in the 1960s …

    A little known fact is that in 1861, Southern Illinois tried…[Read more]

  • @mmpaints wrote:

    Yah, Hburg is just as corrupt as they come being the couty seat and all. They do what they please there, make up the rules as they go.

    Honestly, i think if shtf for real, the last person you’d want to be is the one holding the badge, trying to help. This whole area is on the verge of “free for all” and I say that because of the…

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  • @mmpaints wrote:

    LOL Colin, don’t be thinking it’s all a mans world, LOL. I do it all here from the hunting to the butchering to the hay baling to the construction etc. Hope you aren’t intimidated by a “strong” woman, LMAO.

    Not at all, madam. I find strong women admirable. edea1967 told me in the “new member intro” forum that her husband is an…[Read more]

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    @Danny62 wrote:

    Agree with everthing you said. If for what ever reason you can not handle the bigger ie 9 mm and above no use in having one stick to your .22 or .25. I know some ladies that just can not handle the bigger frames due to hand size. But her little 22 she will put them all in you eye. Under stress I think she would do just about as…

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  • Celente used to be a frequent and much-touted guest on CNN and other cable news networks. However, since he began criticizing Obama and the lib-Dem Congress, he’s fallen out of favor and is dismissed as a member of the lunatic fringe.

    Some of his recent soliloqueys to Russia Today, Coast To Coast AM, and other media about “the White Shoe boys on…[Read more]

  • I watch Glenn Beck’s television show, and own a couple of his books. I agree with him on most, but not all, issues. Certainly, he’s entertaining, and provides a perspective that’s sorely lacking elsewhere in the Media.

  • I think as time goes on, the probability of economic/governmental collapse increases. But as far as 2012 as it relates to the Mayan calendar and doomsday prophecies, I don’t put much stock in that. The end of the Mayan “Long Count” calendar is just the end of a cycle; the Mayans themselves seemed to have believed that the end of each of these…[Read more]

  • Hello, all. I live in South Central Illinois. I’m happy to see there’s at least a few other Illinoisans aware of what’s potentially coming at us. I live in a fairly liberal county, and most of the people I know are wholeheartedly convinced that our currency and government are 100% stable. Mention the nearby New Madrid fault, and you get blank…[Read more]

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    The advice I’ve always given to persons wanting to buy their first handgun – and I’ve given this advice a lot in recent months – is this: get to a range, and try various makes/models/calibers until you find what you’re comfortable with. Weapons are intensely personal things, more so even than cars. You have to “test drive”, and see what works for…[Read more]

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