• I wrote an article this morning and posted it on my website about this topic but wanted to put it out to a larger audience.

    If bugging out is in your plans in regards to preparedness wether it is to avoid a local event such as a chemical spill or what you need to do to reach your BOL I have a question for you please.

    Have you done a full load…[Read more]

  • chevyguy replied to the topic Bartering in the forum General Family Preparedness 10 years ago

    If “it” happens on a large or small scale and your area is affected do you have any plans to barter for needed goods or services? I know we would all love to have everything we need and could want but that simply isn’t possible for the majority of us.

    Do you have a plan to barter for those items should it prove necessary? As part of your own…[Read more]

  • Since say the beginning of the year have you noticed any increase in preparing among the people you personally know? Have you been getting more questions / comments about being more prepared from friends and family?

    If so what has been the reason(s) for this?

    I run with a pretty prepared crowd but I have noticed some increase in the prepping of…[Read more]

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