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    After re-reading all these posts, it simply reminds me that practicing your “failure drills” is critical. a .22 to 50 cal is capable of a failure of some sort. The key to staying in the fight or hunt is to know the weapon, know the failure drills for the weapon and staying focused on either the target or the drill in it’s entirety.

    Failure drills fail mostly when the shooter fails to remain focused on the task at hand, IE if you have a jam, stay focused on the failure drill to clear the problem in an expoditious manner, rather then trying to track the target AND clear the jam.

    Sadly ive seen some very concerning things happen under duress. I once watched a deputy load a mini 14 mag backwards while we were taking fire. How he did it defy’s logic. To say the least I was pretty focused on the problem and noticed this goober beating the heck out of his mag. I thought he was doing a tap rack bang drill . When it was over, He asked me if I could figure out why the Mini would not fire. He held the rifle up and the mag curve was facing backwards.

    I needed some humor about then, I laughed so hard I had tears in my eye’s. This young deputy was pretty distraught over the mag thing and almost quit. He was a good young troop and we worked with him to become a gun guy. The happy ending is that he’s still in the business and a very competent weapons handler, and now a range master.

    He starts every training session by telling the story of how he was able to seat a mini 14 mag in the rifle backwards. The 2nd point being don’t let a drill failure kill your spirit. Learn from the mistake and move thru it.

    Dirk Williams


    Regarding the Remington 700’s going off. Im a certified police sniper, Basic, advanced, and advanced advanced LOL! I shot a .308 700 police package at work. Ive been thru countless sniper schools and have shot close to 17,000/20,000 rounds thru my 700’s .”308″ in every kind of weather god can throw at us. Enough rounds to have to rebarrel both rifles, I use a stock trigger in one adjusted to 2 1/2 lbs trigger pull, and now the other has an aftermarket trigger.

    I have never had an AD nor have I witnessed one in any classes or training sessions attended. Ive been thru this 700 thing on a couple of other boards and am aware of the suits past and present.

    Keep you finger off the trigger, the gun won’t go bang!.

    If anybody here has actually witnessed or had an AD with a 700 please share your story Id love to hear it. I’d like to clarify that I have at AD’s in my career with a pistols, only when I touched the trigger.

    There are many great rifles out there, the 700 is the standard and the work horse for LEO’s and the Military, there’s a reason for that.

    Have a good one.


    POTTERY, LOL!, sound very dangerous to me.Still carry a good fighting folder daily just in case. Benchmade ATS34 Tanto “Emerson”

    I see the local college has a Tia Chi class 4 times a year, might be fun.

    Thanks guys
    Dirk Williams


    WOW very impressive, a ton of experience between all of you. Is there an art that a person with a artificial hip might consider?.


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