• thanks for the link, I’ll have to look into that, this place’s yard is like a postage stamp.

  • Sorry, don’t get on as much as I used to. LIFE. 🙂 a quick Google of Aquaponics will give you tons of starting info. I can check with my family on the classes they have taken in Milwaukee and some of their favorite books, web sites etc.

  • need to add this to my list of skills to learn. Thanks for the list of supplies.

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    Has anyone heard form Kyber? I worry, last we heard from her she wasn’t doing well,(health things and neighbors, moving etc) but that was a long time ago. I understand “busy” or moving on to other life phases, but the mom in me is worried. I’d really like to know shes ok and happy at her new homestead. anyone??

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    I know in some cultures, they were quarantined in a “women’s” hut/tent etc. considered unclean etc. but they also had a great time in there hanging with their girlfriends. it’d be nice to have that week “off” each month.

  • Hi everyone,
    I want to make some non alcoholic Apple Cider. how would I can that? I know that Apple sauce is heated then water bath canned. Can I follow the same guide lines? or do I need to do something more? how hot? boiling? how long to process? My cider press is ready finally, and my 6 cases of apples are getting old…


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    DH is reading Patriots, and is now getting more “on-board” than he was. (not that he wasn’t, but he kept telling me I was going to far) Yay, maybe we can get some of the more specialized items. PPE etc. It’s funny ’cause he keeps telling me stuff “honey, I just read about -Insert LONG drawn out explanation on something-” my response “oh you mean a…[Read more]

  • I’ve been considering switching to Corsets ’cause I an find patterns for them. But I bet you could create your own if you find a Bra you like and build a pattern from it. 9not that I’m that good, but I HEAR it’s easy :floppytongue: )

  • more poor grow station needed more holding power that duct tape. the “walls” fell down. 🙁 I gotta get a staple gun, that should hold it) so when I re-do it, I’ll eave space to get in and out. 🙂 (Yes I’m acting Pollyanna here, ‘s my job)

  • Here’s some pics of my new “grow station I rigged up in the basement. I think it will work for many things.

    this is the outside

    And here’s what I could get of the inside.
    I’ll have to use “kid power” to get it watered as I can’t get in there. (OK I could crawl in under the tables too, but they LIKE that sort of thing) now… what to plant. 🙂

  • don’t know anything about cars, but makes me think doing restoration is prepping. go figure. I need to find me an old car/truck. 🙂

  • I usually have a few 5lb bags of choc. chips in my freezer. My thinking is that a couple months into IT a choc. chip cookie would be worth GOLD. oh and that I’m a choc-o-holic and wat about 1/2 cup of chips a day. (to cheap to buy actual “candy”) (’tis my once vise)
    How do you can chocolate??? lol

  • What if you have a large canner? I purchased the American canner that holds 14 qt jars, and My husband is afraid that it’s weight filled will crack our new stove. (the old one would have worked with it) just looking for advice. Thanks

  • That’ll work 🙂

  • Ever heard of “aqua-ponics” my parents are really excited to try it. you hook your hydro- plants up to a fish tank, the fish water feeds the plants, and the plants clean the water. Then you eat the fish. There’s a guy down the road from us who has a set-up and he demonstrates, by DRINKING the water that’s recycling back into the fish tanks.…[Read more]

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    Question for you all:
    if you are getting all these great books in PDF format or some such, how do you access them for use? Do you print it all out? or just read on screen? if on screen, then what happens if TSHTF and you can’t access them?
    Just wondering, sounds like a TON of printing to me, then how to store? binders?

    Trying desperately to…[Read more]

  • WOW,
    Those are some great goals! MY goals are more mundane:
    1) Organize the food we have/find out what else we need for a year supply.
    2) get the Gov. off our back about the house building.
    3) finish the “undocumented” parts of the house.
    4) install wood stove.
    5) get wood brought in for it’s use
    6) LOTS of fencing
    7) build chicken coop, get…[Read more]

  • checking in here to.
    Heard about the site form general web browsing. 🙂 love that google.

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