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    I highly recommend the Left Behind series. There’s some fascinating logistical stuff in there aside from the Biblical knowledge inside.

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    They probably quit about two months ago though. I’ve heard of others having hens that refused to lay in the summer time for whatever reason, and I’m wondering if mine are the same thing.

  • Anybody have any experience with EchoLink? A couple of the guys in my area say that it’s a cheap way to start with HAM if you have a smart phone. They’re saying that they can hit a lot of local repeaters without even having to invest in an actual radio.

    Just didn’t know if it was worth taking up the space on my phone or not with it, and whether…[Read more]

  • Anybody ever have a problem with their chickens randomly no longer laying? They’re only a year old, so it’s making no sense to me. They quit well before it got cold.

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