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    helter–I would say that it’s more important to learn how to grow outside, in nature. Growing inside is a great alternative if you’re stuck in an apartment or something like that where you don’t have a yard or even a patio/balcony, but growing outside, if we’re talking in survival terms, is going to benefit you more.

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    Hi helter (and welcome aboard!) I know there are LED grow lights that cut electric costs tremendously but LED strips are still too pricey. Haven’t tried any yet so can’t give any personal input but know some commercial hydro groups use them (for veggies – not pot). We have an LED / hydro system in mind to test but gotta get…

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  • Has anyone looked at the cost efficiency of growing indoors under artificial light? It’ll certainly be different per plant, but I’d be interested even in just rough costs without specifics.
    My neighbor is a narcotics officer, he recently busted a grow house (pot, not veggies) that had their entire basement setup for growing. Their electric bills…[Read more]

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