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  • We have canned homemade chili, stew, meatloaf, and chicken. Also have at this time 108 lbs of hamburger meat. These items are for regular use. However they do make a short term supply. If something where to come up I would try to fill all the empty jars I have in inventory. Just saying with the systems we use today the average town has 48 hours of…[Read more]

  • Not sure where to post this. I don’t see the canning section anymore. I was thinking and for some reason my mind was thinking about canning.

    We have to All American caners that will can 7 quarts each per run. So if me and my wife canned for 7 days straight we could can 784 quarts. From what I have read this would be enough food for one person for…[Read more]

  • The following is two sides of this coin. Schools as we know are gun free zones. Therefore we see what has happened when a person with a gun that has ill intentions does in a school. Kids die……

    Oklahoma is a conceal carry state. Also you are allowed to open carry with a conceal carry licence.

    There was a shooting at a restaurant in OKC called…[Read more]