• idahobob replied to the topic Tire Gardening in the forum Gardening 11 years ago

    Just yesterday , I went to Les Schwab and picked up 6 truck tires and one HUGE equipment tire. There were free. 😀

    I plan on transplanting our strawberries to the truck tires and using the monster tire for the herb bed.


  • @riverwalker_texas wrote:

    I’m from Texas! I’m a prepper. They call me Riverwalker!


    So glad that you are here RW. Glad you joined our merry crew!


  • idahobob replied to the topic Pics in messages in the forum Off Topic 11 years ago

    riverwalker…..I will echo what my pretty little friend, kymber, has stated…’s really nice to see you here and we are glad to have ya! 😀


  • @Muzhik wrote:

    All this talk about beans, and sprouts, and veggies… When do we get to talk about the #1 must ingredient for long term survival:


    How do we keep our M&Ms from getting mushy year after year? (I live in a high humidity area.) How do we keep the crunch in our Kit-Kat bars? Has anyone tried canning chunks of chocolate…

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  • idahobob replied to the topic Canning Butter in the forum General Canning Topics 11 years ago

    @mmpaints wrote:

    If companies such as Red Feather can sell canned butter, than why is it when we can it at home it’s not safe? There’s plenty of information on the web concerning the pro’s and cons of canning butter. I am here to tell you that I am currently eating butter out of a jar that’s been on a shelf in my pantry for a year and I’m still…

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  • OK, I’m in it for the seeds.


  • @Genevieve wrote:

    We’re not allowed to post info about purchasing stuff and from whom?

    Why the secret Bob? If it’s allowed, post the info. Even if we choose not to buy , I for one am interested in the product and any info I can find on it.

    No secret, I just do not want anyone thinking that I am trying to get or give anyone free…[Read more]

  • As we all know, comms are of prime importance. Like the saying goes, “If you don’t have comm, you don’t have jack”!

    Communications within a MAG, community and/or state, when TSHTF/TEOTWAWKI does happen, will be of prime importance.

    With that in mind, my DW and I are studying to test out for our Tech and General Amateur Radio Licenses. In…[Read more]

  • Dunno about the rest of ya, but we pretty much use coconut oil, exclusively.

    It is a whole lot healthier for you than any of the “vegetable” oils.

    The funny thing is, that before WWII, coconut oil, was the oil used in most kitchens. Then the petro-chemical companies got into the act, and then we, as Americans, started poisoning…[Read more]

  • @granny warrior wrote:

    I have been a prepper long before it was popular I am afraid. I have always prepped just as a matter of living. At any given time we always have enough food and supplies for at least a year on hand. It has not always been easy but when you are raised as a child of a poor farmer you realize how important it is to the family…

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  • I repeat what North Idaho Patriot sez:Welcome!! to all of the new folks.

    I do not usually welcome each and every new member, like some of the mods do, I reckon that i am not as chatty as some….. 😆

    I know that each one of you will find your own niche here. We are all at different levels of preparedness and we can all learn from one anther.…[Read more]

  • @kymber wrote:

    Bob…you know that you are my hero …right?



  • I assume(dangerous thing, I know) that you will probably PM or email those of us that commit to coming, with more specific instructions on how to find the event.

    Maybe even some suggestions on where to stay? Ya know, motels, Bed and Breakfast, campgrounds and the like.

    Hope that it works out for us to make it. It should be a lot of fun.


  • idahobob replied to the topic Soil Blocking & Seed Starting in the forum Gardening 11 years ago

    I’m gonna do a bit more research on the subject, but this sure looks like something I need to be doing. As we live in an area with a fairly short growing season, with the danger of late frosts into the first part of June, transplanting is the best way to go with most veggies.

    For years I used jiffy 7 pellets to start seeds, but the last couple of…[Read more]

  • idahobob replied to the topic Books in the forum Books 11 years ago

    @ChiliLily wrote:

    Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse by James Wesley Rawles is a little more extreme than I want to think of myself being, but it definitely gives a good idea of what can happen and what one might need to be prepared for.

    It gives a basic idea of what might happen when TSHTF. There are a lot of good ideas that…[Read more]

  • @kymber wrote:

    we have done sprouts for about a year now – if you live in a northern clime and are homesteading it is essential to keep up your vitamin c levels and not have to rely on store-bought vitamins for all of your vitamin C – sprouts are chocked-full of a variety of nutrients and very easy to grow.

    here is a post that i did on sprouting…

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  • @k-mcfar4 wrote:

    My concerns are more on a long-term basis. I am prepared in every fashion to provide for and protect my family for 60 days or so. After that it is hard to foresee the needs. I am prepared to leave the city and have located a remote, albeit humble, living quarters. However, in my Wyoming climate, remote can sometimes be deadly.…

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  • @SciFiChick wrote:

    I will go ahead and be the bad guy here. I personally think Beck walks both sides of the line. He “almost” steps over it once in awhile but I don’t trust anyone who can’t admit the truth when it is put squarely in their face. Beck has an agenda as well. He is IMHO as bad as the MSM when it comes to telling the “truth”.

    I…[Read more]

  • We just might be able to make the trek from Idaho for this. 😮

    I’m looking at the possibility of taking some training in Tennessee starting on the 29th, sooooo if we can swing that, we will definitely see y’all!! 😀


  • idahobob replied to the topic storing cheese in the forum Food & Water 11 years ago

    We have been canning cheese pretty much the same way as we can butter.

    We will see how it does in the long run. Theoretically, it should do just fine.


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