• Thanks for the nice run through of the prepping organization; especially for the timing aspect. Two weeks sounds like not much, until you writ out the actual items. It’s a lot!

    I’ll look for another thread on prepper sanitation – if there isn’t one I’ll be back to talk about a no water composting toilet system for my house.

  • Way back in 2010, there was a conversation about eating out of dented cans. Going all the way back to the mid-fifties when I was a kid, we at a lot of food from dented cans. My mother, a single woman back when it was hard to do, found several places where she could buy dented can goods at deeply discounted prices. It was a staple for us.

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    Pretty new to Prepping and I expect an outlier in this community. Before explaining how I might be an oddball here, I’ll say why I might fit and what I hope to contribute to, and get from, the prepping community.

    A while back I watched a YouTube video where the narrator said to be a good prepper, move to the country, earn the right for support by…[Read more]

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