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  • Hello sir. Sorry I am just now seeing your post. Not too sure where the sand hills are but if you are anywhere between Franklin and Burnsville that is a good area. I am looking to relocate as well and have not found a place yet. Currently in a big suburb but do not want to stay here in GA. I am a veteran as well and have been growing some veggies…[Read more]

  • Hello from out of state. I know this is odd but i am trying to find a small city to move to as I am located in douglasville, GA. It has over 32,000 people which in a shtf case is just too much for me because i am by myself. I have been growing some food over the last two to three years off and on but no one in my so called subdivision is doing it…[Read more]

  • Hello from relocating veteran seeking new area to live in. I am seeking like minded people to join up with who like to learn about new ways to live and live free. growing your own veggies and building alternative houses out in the country or in the mountains. It is nice to see that many eyes have been open to what is really going on around the…[Read more]

  • ok I am here looking for like minded people in western GA. Not too sure if i want to stay. I have been growing some food for the last 2 to 3 years still trying to find out a home sweet home place with a group of people who have the same mindset.

  • Hello Richard from Douglasville. I feel the same way. Family think I am crazy and just being paranoid but of well. I have been growing some veggies over the last 3 years but still trying to find a place to really call home. Not sure if I should stay or leave where I am at due to the fact that i see no one planting food gardens but me in this so…[Read more]

  • Hello Robert,

    Nice to meet you. I used to live in Dallas but now I live in Douglasville. I have been growing some food as well but not as long as you. I am a veteran of the military trying to find out if I should move to a small town or not due to the lack of good jobs and too many people who do not do what we do.

  • I am really thinking about relocating to the western part of north carolina. I have been to franklin and it is nice there. Small town means less people. I currently live in the state of Georgia but due to the lack of good jobs and pay I am downsizing from what i have because i see no one else planting food gardens around me but me. What are your…[Read more]

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    Ok Hello everyone, First I would like to say that I am pleased to meet all of you and I am thankful that my eyes can see and my ears can hear. I have been doing some research for a couple of years trying to find out how to live somewhat off the grid and get out of a mortgage. For the last 2 to 3 years I have been growing some veggies and learning…[Read more]

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