• I have written a new article for the American Preppers Network website that covers most of the questions I have ever received on this subject. Since there have been a few questions on here about it over the years I wanted to post it here too – maybe it will help someone out. It’s a subject that is important to me so I doing what I can to get the…[Read more]

  • @JayJay wrote:

    thanks all responding–I think the internet is confusing and causing much anxiety for canners. I just read that one CAN NOT water bath can green beans..I just ate water bath green beans I canned in 1992 and they were delicious–in fact, they looked like I had just picked and canned them.

    Will definitely water bath can the…

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  • I agree it will keep fine. I have stuck lard and tallow in canning jars and vacuumed the air out using my Foodsaver – this seems to prolong the life of tallow and lard for a LONG TIME. Then keep in a cool dark place.

  • I might also add – making your own clarified butter and canning it is relatively easy. And it should last a good 10+ years. A cheaper alternative than buying it.

    PatrioticStabilist – olive oil is kinda of an acquired taste. They once you get use to it you don’t notice it all – but I can still detect the extra virgin stuff when used in cooking…

  • Mountain Rose Herbs. So far they have been the best in quality for essential oils, coconut oil, and anything special I want to add in there like shea butter.

    The olive oil I use I buy from Costco, if you want to experiment with other oils like corn, grape seed, canola, Crisco, etc… you can also pick those up cheapest at Costco or Cash and…[Read more]

  • Lostfalls replied to the topic Easy Soap Making in the forum Home made products 8 years ago

    An apron
    Rubber gloves
    Safety glasses & some vinegar on hand (which will neutralize lye if it gets on you and starts to itch, which is what it will do before it starts to feel like it burning).

  • Sasha PM me – what would you like? Recipe for lye? Recipe for plain soap – fancy soap – pet soap?

    PS – I have MM’s soap recipe…….somewhere….. I made it then filed it in the depths of my soap book

  • Yes agreed – nothing like french fries fried up in tallow. And yes! It is a big source of vitamin D3 – which coincidentally is exactly what you body need to correctly process cholesterol! Among many other things, but imagine that – when you eat natural food, the nutrients are already in them for your body to correctly process them.

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  • I have a couple of shirts I have accidentally spilled bleach down the front of – and was thinking instead of demoting them to camping shirts I would just re-dye them. So while at the store I got to thinking…..why not stock up on some clothing dye? With very little effort I could change my wardrobe (which right now screams “Hey bad guys! Cute…[Read more]

  • @Silent Bob wrote:

    Does anyone store cooking oil or lard ? We have tried to store oil and have found that it goes rancid in about 6 months unopened and even less when it is opened . I put sone in pint jars and sealed them and so far everything is going well . I have also melted lard and did it the same way with good results . Yes I know that oil…

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  • Oh yes, homemade soap is sooo much better. Thanks for the luffa tips! I am gonna give that a try – and next fall I will try it with luffa I have grown. Also good idea on the cattle panel I will also start mine next to ours.

    I am also going to give your recipe a try. Keep some for myself and send some to my aunties down south for Christmas.

    Have…[Read more]

  • Really?! Helps Chigger bites huh? HOW cool! I have a whole part of my family that lives in the South and occasionally suffer from Chigger bites, I see a future Christmas present possibility. Thanks for the tip!

    The luffa thing sounds cool too! Do you grow your own luffa too? That sounds like a great combo. Was going to try growing my own luffa in…[Read more]

  • And even later here am I… LOL!

    I get my Lye from Big R – their brand (can’t remember what it is now) works really well for me and they periodically put it on sale so I have a ton of it, and have adjusted my recipes so that one bottle of Big R lye will make a big batch of soap. I was concerned about the storage life of lye but I bought an old…[Read more]

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