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  • Black guns are known to be menacing enough. People are known to use shotguns for hunting. But the advent of AR-15 has had a significant impact in this section. One of the primary reasons for this massive revolution is the extent of customization done on this weapon.
    That’s where this common question arises “How to build AR-15 gun?”. Yeah, that’…[Read more]

  • When we talk about the receiver, there are two parts in particular. One is the lower, and the other one is the upper receiver. The lower is nothing but the lower frame section, and you do not have to mess it up with the lower parts kit. That’s something different, and you should know that. I came to know about this through AR-15 Gun Builder. T…[Read more]

  • People wonder how to build AR-15 gun. But the process is easy, and you need a lot of perseverance. The AR-15 is an excellent tool for home defense. The weapon performs accurately and is versatile. The thing is you can mount a lot of accessories and have outstanding results as well. AR-15 Gun Builder team gave me several positives about the rifle…[Read more]

  • According to several rumors, the AR-15 is known to be the 15th design by Eugene Stoner. Reportedly, the 15 in the name stood for the caliber size. But no! It was not. The AR-9 uses the 9 mm caliber. The 15 in the AR-15 denotes the caliber size. Jim Sullivan and Bob Fremont were two people who made the AR-10 rifle. Wanna know how to build AR-15…[Read more]

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