• So often my preps sit unused in our storage room, ready for action. In Ohio, we are hitting very cold weather (even for this time of year) with the lows in the high 20’s. Of course when I went to turn on my heater to get the morning chill out, it went keeerrrrrputttt. For the last few days the chill has worked itself out (lows were high 30’s,…[Read more]

  • Epi pens are prescription only. You have to have an anaphylactic reaction to something that you may not be able to avoid to get it. And as PatrioticStabilist pointed out, it depends on the doc.

    A good thing for allergic reactions is Benadryl. They make a kind that is good under the tongue (if they can’t swallow) or liquid (limited swallowing).…[Read more]

  • @ana wrote:

    Im hoping this an appropriate place to share this info. It is my hope that i might help folks avoid having my experience with medical professionals. I got a call from the docs office who advised me to go to MedExpress asap to get a blood test… they said that my hemoglobin was low, and they needed an independent lab to verify this. I…

    [Read more]

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