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    My only problem with rural areas, and I have lived in them, some pretty isolated, Is the fact if a group of bad guys are going on a bender, it can be very hard to defend. While working a horse in a round pen while in South MO Ozarks I had a guy pop up out of the woods who stated he was lost, it didnt fly with me as even a 10 yr old could have got…[Read more]

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    I LOVE guns, avid shooter and reloader. I have found that my Keltec 380 is a great every day carry weapon. Simply easy to hide, or leave in the glove box as the case may dictate. When outdoors, my S&W Model 28 Hwy Patrolman does just fine. I used it as a carry weapon as a PD CHief, and know it inside and out, and can hit at pretty far ranges…[Read more]

  • Carl, Sounds good to me, cant help but think April would be better as it is just that farther out of winter. Love the winter storm advisory we just got, my 13 daughter just moved in and a windchill of 60 below is a shock to the system! LOL

  • I LOVE knive’s and gun’s. all make and models! I also have a Ka-bar, leather handle and sheath. It saw abuse in the Corps, and a lot more since then, but holds a edge, takes a beating and works like a dream no matter what you ask of it. Many may not be aware it is designed to flex some. This was for combat reasons. For every day carry I go…[Read more]

  • Glasgow here, I think we should try and get together!

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