• @MTJoe wrote:

    Great info Rod, thanks!

    You are welcome. I don’t know what you have for repeaters in your area but any local HAM operator will have an idea. There are even books that list and locate available HAM repeaters. One thing to keep in mind with repeaters is battery back-up. Some have it and some don’t.
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    Great article, I have just got the green light from the state to go after five more one tail deer, and will want to can the meat, I am out of freezer space! I have a brand new pressure canner never used as the wife is scared of it, so it will become my domain. Add to that, I know what is in the meat, and where it came from, not like…

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    I LOVE knive’s and gun’s. all make and models! I also have a Ka-bar, leather handle and sheath. It saw abuse in the Corps, and a lot more since then, but holds a edge, takes a beating and works like a dream no matter what you ask of it. Many may not be aware it is designed to flex some. This was for combat reasons.

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