• I just read about this, and wanted to share with those of you interested in medical prepping:

    Introduction to Homeopathy OnLine Class – Class #73a – Part 1 of 2 , Basic Level

    (Also CEU’s for those who are nurses – see below)

    I’ve had a HUGE interest in my homeopathy online class – I will be starting the 73rd one on Thursday February 23 &…[Read more]

  • I *LOVE* this post and all the great knowledge/suggestions in this thread!
    On the holistic side of things, one can add some natural remedies to these awesome kits:
    Cayenne Pepper (tincture) — to stop a hemorrhage (or heart attack/stroke)
    Colloidal Silver — drop in eyes to combat pink eye, use to rinse open wounds, disinfect/sanitize just about…[Read more]

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