• PatrioticStabilist posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    My tomatoes are finally starting to get ripe, just a few. I have to weed out there, I mowed half the garden down after pulling my onions, may have 5 pounds, didn’t plant many and we were eating off them. I picked about 1/4 of my green beans and pulled the plants, I still have a ton. I would let people know to come and pick but they are to lazy and I’m not doing it for them. I have about 30 quarts may add 10 more. The few potatoes I planted did nothing, just a handful of potatoes off about 6 of them, did the same last year. I mowed the cantaloupe and cukes, I still have a young plant. Need to pick my poblano peppers for stuffing. I got enough green tomatoes to can 5 pints and 3 quarts and picked the bucket of beans. It’s just to hot for me to do more. I’m not feeling the greatest, but I will move forward just a bit more slowly. I want to put up at least 20 quarts of green tomatoes, we like them in the winter. This year I tried the pints with 1/8 tsp of pickle crisp and quarts with a 1/4 tsp, will see how it does. I don’t like them real soft. I would say about next week will start to can some ripe tomatoes I hope. We have to finish cleaning a mobile we have for rent. We have so many people applying I’m going to pull it and post only 1 place. And these young people must not realize old folks like me look at their face book postings and are appalled about some of what we see. Wow, I immediately drop a ton. No you are not putting 4 kids in a 2 bedroom, I know most seem to have boyfriends, whatever friends but showing pictures of piles of dirty clothes, etc does not do much to help you rent a place. Just wow. Anyway I will winnow it down and find someone The higher prices of the homes help you select renters. I wish we didn’t even have that one, we just bought it because it was his aunts at the back of his mom’s house. Ok, back to work.

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