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    Hello, the forum has changed a lot and now many things are starting to be annoying. Any left references like this and so on. But it’s still our old favorite forum !!

    Well from what I understand APN was having some problems with its old forum and they’re still working out the bugs in their new forum. Hopefully things will be back to full swing.

  • The Mother Earth Fair this year in Seven Springs PA is on September 14-16. Anybody going?

  • This video claims that the Taurus Raging Judge is the best apocalypse gun in the world. I don’t have any experience with Taurus or with the .454 Casull round. Looking for feedback on this video from anybody who does have experience with Taurus and/or the .454 Casull round. From what I understand Taurus is not a top quality brand like Ruger or…[Read more]

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    You probably just have to get used to it. I’ve been to shooting classes at ranges where there’s thousands of students and you hear shots going off all the time. Every few minutes theres a barrage of shots from a class doing a shooting drill but when you’re there all day you get used to it. I would avoid indoor ranges for now and stick with outdoor…[Read more]

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    Hello everybody. I haven’t posted much here ever since APN had its revision. Anyway, for those that know me, and those that don’t know me, I am from PA, originally from NJ but have since moved to PA which I like much better. Im really into guns, I love to travel and to work out and keep in good shape. Look forward to posting more on this new…[Read more]

  • Im glad that the forum in APN is back and running, I missed it and I missed everybody here. Anyway, this weekend there is the annual NRA convention which is being held this year in Dallas, TX. Unfortunately I am not there as I planned to go but ended up not going because I just didn’t have the time and money. So anybody who went I would love to…[Read more]

  • During a TEOTWAWKI situation babies can sometimes slow you down and they’re a big extra responsibility but one thing that babies do, they grow up. As much of an asset as they are, children, even small children can sometimes really help out in such a crisis. I was thinking of the days when much of the west and mid-west USA was being settled by…[Read more]

  • I was wondering the shelf life of canned food. Ordinary canned food that you get at Walmart or your local supermarket. Stuff such as Campbell’s Chunky Beef with Vegetables or Clam Chowder.

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