• Just wondering… Knowing how difficult it may be to get medical attention, and knowing i am NOT a butcher, so skinning and prepping meat or scaling fish would be a challenge i have picked up a few pair of butchers gloves. 20 bucks now is cheap insurance compared to the downside…

  • LOL, Thanks P. After reading your inspiring post i got up Sunday all full of piss and vinegar, looked that flower and yeast in the eye and said “you’re going down”! searched the web, and got to baking. Found a Honey wheat at allrecipes.com that i used. It came put great… all 5 LOAFS. :blink: and what the heck is with this rising stuff?…[Read more]

  • Timely topic. As i evaluated my family’s prepps and skills the one thing sorely lacking was bread skills. I remember my Mom baking from scratch. I loved the smell but never payed attention to how she did it. I picked up some bread flower and yeast two weeks ago and now its sitting on the shelf intimidating the heck out of me. :bored:

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