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    I made a break-through recently. I have long been enamored of the homestead movement and try to implement more suburban homestead practices annually. A few years ago, a series of catastrophic events like health issues, relationship break-ups, unemployment, retirement, surgeries, and vehicle accidents came together to lead my family to live under the same roof as my aging parents to share costs and care. They were VERY resistant to homesteading and later on prepping. Slowly, I have worked at it, starting with some guerrilla gardening in the easement and a corner of the small yard. The next year, I built more raised bed gardens, arguing that it was less work than cutting grass. I put in berries and apple trees last year, as well. I leave my magazines around the house where my father reads them. It is working. We started a rabbitry this year and I have him almost signed off on a chicken tractor. Slow and steady wins the race.

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