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    • sorry it took so long responding to your email.
      been real busy and dealing with a lot of crazy around here.
      i can relate to the limited budget thing. i have done all of my prepping on less than a shoestring budget but after 9 years i have managed to acquire a large quantity of food, tools, seed and other supplies. it just takes time when you dont have money or anything resembling a steady income.
      fortunately i am set for the long term so much that if we had a total collapse of the system and/or the economy today i would not have any reason to worry about anything other than someone wanting to try to come here and take what i have. in fact i have enough for 4-6 people if needed.
      i have also had over 30 years of homeless, living in the mountains and other scenarios, learning how to do many things from basic survival to wild edibles to farming and more.
      dont know how far along you are but i would be willing to talk if youre interested.

      • That’s good that you have established such a safety net of food. I have personally been working on sustainment knowledge and practice for the last 2 years, more so than stockpile though I have a little stockpiled. I have put together a moderate level of first aid and I was medically trained as a NREMT medic in the army, Wife is pharmacy tech and is knowledgeable about medicine and she is knowledgeable about first aid as well. We have been gardening for a short while and are continually improving on our efforts, slowly… Also looking to get to the level of gardening where we don’t need garden centers, like home depot, for necessities like soil and fertilizer. Both my wife and I are familiar with firearms, and military trained on the M16 platform. We have two preteen boys, so life is at an often-chaotic state these days, especially during football season. Aside from military training and experience as a medic and NCO, I have worked construction most of my life and have fair number of tools and skills with wood work and carpentry. As for food we have enough to sustain for short term emergencies, roughly estimating, at least a couple of months for a family of four. I would like to increase that but everything in steps. My main goal is to become as efficient at sustaining through gardening as possible, which is why I started canning this year though admittedly mostly disastrously. But, hey! That’s why we do it when it is not an emergency, so that we can be more proficient when it is an emergency. I plan on eventually adding some form of livestock, such as chickens, and growing their food rather than buying it such as mealworms. Our emergency water supply is meager, and I plan on increasing that as well.

    • It sounds like you have a good start. The thing to keep in mind with respect to a food supply is that there will be times when you may have a shortage in a harvest.
      Having grown up in a very old school family, and having the benefit of experience from grandparents, uncles, aunts and so forth, is that you can never have to much stored food. People do not realize how long canned food can last if done properly.
      The reason I have such a large food supply is for a couple reasons. First, I don’t want to stand out to much for now so I keep my gardening down to a minimum so as not to draw attention from those who may pass by my home during the day. You don’t want people to get use to seeing this large garden all the time. I’m sure you can see the risk that would present in an emergency situation. Second, I am only one man so I can only do so much at one time and having not been settled in one place for more than a few months to a year at best, it was a good idea to have plenty reserves so I always know there will be food (Is it a pain to haul 40 5 gallon buckets full of dried bulk foods and several cases of home canned foods around the country, yes, but I won’t go hungry). Now that I have my own land I no longer need to be so overly concerned about food, but at least now I know I have enough to sustain several people for at least a year. Since I am only one man I have enough food to last me several years while I focus on other tasks which need to be accomplished before I can say the land is ready. This means I now have plenty of time to focus on developing the land as I want without feeling like I’m under a time constraint.
      It is a good thing that I have this surplus however because my nephew did not take care of this land and a lot of work needs to be done in order to return it back to its previous state when I maintained it. Because of the time it will take to restore this land I don’t really have a lot of time to focus on gardening which means I will rely a lot on this food surplus to get me through. It still does not hurt to have at least 1 year food supply per person because you never know when you may have an infestation or drought or other influences which could destroy or otherwise affect your crop. This is another reason why I wanted to be sure I had an ample supply so that I would know I could sustain for several years if I needed to.
      As I said before I have been focused on this for about 9-10 years so I have had plenty of time to discretely work on not only my stock piles of food, seed, hand tools, medical supplies and so forth but also train other skills like carpentry, concrete and mortar, plumbing ect., and of course my survival skills. The one skill I would like to improve on, although it really isn’t a major skill for off grid survival, is mechanics. I do need to work on medical training however as I feel that will be an essential skill I will need in the future if things take a bad turn in this country and we find out selves in a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation.
      With all of that being said I don’t really need to focus to much on the gardening skill since I grew up on a farm but at some point, hopefully next spring I can begin work on developing this small field into a self sustaining environment for livestock so I can have a steady supply of meat and eggs.
      If you at some point wish to talk and share let me know. I am always interested in dialog with others who are of like mind.

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