• Yes, we were discussing an abstract.

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    Well, lets assume (with all the truth behind that lol) that 20% of cars will run, and 20% of trucks will be made to run withing say 2 weeks. Meanwhile, the grid,computer infrastructure,streets stuffed up with stalled cars, satelites,broadcasting and 2way radio service, trains and airplains are…

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    A video to watch is” onclick=”;return false

    Now, there are some typical embellishments in some of the interviews but the main message is clear.
    The video was produced by Discovery and of course is done in the typical discovery fashion

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  • I have also heard that an old microwave oven should provide some protection from EMP. I don’t know how effective this might be and it would not be enough for me but I think it is better than nothing.

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    Great info Rod, thanks!

    You are welcome. I don’t know what you have for repeaters in your area but any local HAM operator will have an idea. There are even books that list and locate available HAM repeaters. One thing to keep in mind with repeaters is battery back-up. Some have it and some don’t.
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    For some of our hand-held communications gear, we use those green metal ammo cans like the military has – foam rubber for protection on the bottom and all around our hand-held items. Makes it easy to transport them and store them.

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  • Always depends on how much money you want to spend on a new hobby but as a tech you are going to want a 2 meter or a dual-band 2 meter/70 centimeter rig. These radios will give you good local service and are the mainstay of ARES communications. It always depends on your location and the surrounding terrain but the range of a 50 watt 2 meter radio…[Read more]

  • One Second After brought tears to my eyes both times I read it. I really think more vehicles would survive the EMP but I won’t bet on it. I would rather be surprised. :thumbsup:

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    As a matter of fact I have read One Second After. I thought is was a very good read (emotional) and I would recommend it to anyone. The foreword and afterword add a lot of realism that the topic of EMP deserves, the EMP threat has been a bit overlooked due to terror of 911. I hope my copy holds together longer than my old copy of Patriots because…[Read more]

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    I think an exchange of preps, in order to preposition/protect some of your preps in case of fire/building collapse or flood, is a good way to show interest/intent and build trust among members of a mutual assistance group. This serves several real purposes and it shows the real interest that a person has. If a party can’t put together a metal…[Read more]

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    “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” by Robert Heinlein. Basically he takes the ideas of the American Revolutionary War and creates this story about a lunar colony that wants to break free of Earth. It’s such a great guideline to revolution with an awesome supercomputer named “Mike” in it. I think you…

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  • Did you receive my PMs? There are guys on the PSG that can help you with bow building and there are books to look for, Bowers Bible I&II. I have a 45 pound recurve but it needs a new string. I picked it up at a flea market last summer. Using handmade arrows on a compound bow is dangerous so I looked and found a recurve bow.

  • I have been a ham for 12 years and I’ve been prepping and learning the whole time. As a ham I feel that I must bug out at the first warning, and I have become a news junkie for this reason. I must bug out and that is the way I prepare for everything but a nuke, chem or bio emergency that requires shelter in place to survive. I have a couple of…[Read more]

  • “yeah I hope it never comes to that” That is exactly what my father used to say, then he would add:”but it might someday”. I have learned to think beforehand and train/prepare for the worst while living as others around me and try not to attract much attention. The times are changing I have to wonder how much time is left.

  • Yea we have to meet. The problems I have with wild plants stem from the different appearances due to growth stages, lighting conditions, and seasonal changes. Coupled with the fact that I can not afford to be sick because I made a mistake. I am not clueless however and I believe I could survive in our woods with no stored food for an entire…[Read more]

  • I have done the fire drill and the hand drill but never the old fashioned flint&steel. I need to learn the wild plants much better. We can get together but a group is a little harder.

  • Hello, my name is Rod. I am in SE CT and I would like to meet other preppers in the area. My main interests are primitive skills/woodcraft, preserving and preparing food, HAM Radio, hunting/trapping, hiking/camping/treking, shooting, farming. But my main focus for the near future is to find or set up a working HAM radio net for all preppers.

  • Hello from Connecticut. My name is Rod and I am interested in networking with other preppers especially HAMS.

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