• @mombear wrote:

    Tim, I butchered deer, elk and real beef. I would like a call when the canning starts, That is one thing I need to learn. If yours can teach jelly making that would be great too. This is a area, I’ve very weak on.

    Are talking specifically jelly or jams and preserves also? Jelly’s are little more finicky, but we can do! These are…[Read more]

  • I’m an old soldier, who still shoots “0311& 11B”. I have redneck deep in my blood.
    I can, preserve, garden raise animals, and butcher. Am willing to teach, if you are willing to help!
    I am basically a jack of all trades!
    I have been prepping for quite a few years now!
    I am also a rough around the edges bornagain christian!
    I live in Red Wing…[Read more]

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