• TRex2 replied to the topic Recession in the forum Economic Disasters 3 days, 20 hours ago

    So, what do some of the recent market numbers indicate?

    I don’t tell people to watch the stock markets, unless they are a trader or unless they want their blood pressure to go up.

    The Bond market interest rates are useful. Right now there is less than a 1% spread between the 2YR treasury bond and the 10YR Treasury bond.
    Interest rate…[Read more]

  • TRex2 replied to the topic Recession in the forum Economic Disasters 1 week ago

    On May 5th I said:

    if China and Japan “call in their markers” it will cause their economies to collapse before ours does.

    All nations are paper dragons today, but our paper dragon is just a bit more solid than theirs is.

    What I read today has me wondering if China’s economy will collapse on its own regardless of what they do.…[Read more]

  • TRex2 replied to the topic Recession in the forum Economic Disasters 1 week, 3 days ago

    There are some signs of recession, but they are not immanent.

    Flattening of the interest rate curve. When the interest rates for longer loans is the same or less than interest rates for short term loans, recession is right around the corner.
    Healthy Yield Curve in May 2018

    Prices of Copper and Diesel fuel. Copper prices reflect the global…[Read more]

  • the tax cuts only spurred stockholder buy backs for big business an some 1 time bonuses.

    I see someone woke up on the left side of the bed again.

    Employment is up. Way up. Wages are up, though only a minute amount. Our taxes are lower, that is more money in our pockets.

    And there is no immigration policy, yes, we need one but I don’t like k…

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  • Similar groups to Antifa, and made up of those same people, were out protesting against law, order, and reason, this past weekend. Any city over 10,000 people is vulnerable to these overzealous and brainwashed groups.

    It will not matter what the government does or does not do, these groups are funded and controlled by people (some from outside…[Read more]

  • Picking up this topic because, if there were any answers to it last year, they were lost in the software changeover.

    You are right that there isn’t much discussion on radiological threats. In a limited nuclear disaster, the radiological threat will be local, and there are measure you can take to enhance you chances of survival and to reduce the…[Read more]

  • I have been working on a simple field test that almost anyone can do, to see if silver coins are what they say they are. Not a high priority, but I hope to have it ready this year.

    It wouldn’t be used in every silver transaction. If two people knew each other, even casually, they would skip it, but if someone approaches that no one knows, a…[Read more]

  • There have been a number of questions about silver over the years, and the price is looking favorable today, so I am writing this today because silver is in that “now is the time to buy” price range. But should you buy silver? And what kind of silver? Bars, coins, junk? Well, a lot is up to the individual.

    I am recently on record as saying I…[Read more]

  • TRex2 replied to the topic Kind of weird question in the forum Guns 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    I agree with what Rick said, plus two things I would suggest. Really good hearing protection, and the softest sounding firearm you can get. (in fact, I use an air soft pistol) You will still get a bit of a crack, but it will register in your subconscious as a more normal sound. After you get used to hearing that, move up to your intended weapon of…[Read more]

  • The forum is struggling with the new format, but still viable.

    To find the “New Posts” look under your name near the same place on your screen where you logged in, and look for “Recent Activity.

    Also, you should click ON your name and look at the screen that comes up for private messages and such.

  • BTW: I look at the global pandemic situation on a weekly basis (every Wednesday), and this one does show up. Crofts Blog is basically one of the best sources of info on pandemics, and influenza in particular.…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the link.

    I like ZeroHedge, except that he is here to tell us how screwed up this world is, and nothing else. I recommend everyone read his blog exactly once.

    Ok, now that you know how screwed up
    this world is, you don’t need to
    read it any more.
    Carry on.

    Seriously, we have seen this before. Ever so often we are a hairs…[Read more]

  • Step 1: Click on your Name (pseudonym)
    The page that comes up has a bunch of stuff under your name, and one of those is messages. Click on Compose.

    Yeah, we need some way to push a “tiny FAQ” to people when they come here, since this is different than almost any other thing on the Net.

    Thanks for not giving up.

  • No, they are NOT a myth. I call them “Frankenchickens.” I only had 2… got them by mistake, as I THOUGHT I was getting White Leghorns (that’s what they were marked as, so SOMEBODY screwed up at the hatchery.)

    As to feed, I gave them NON-medicated chick starter/grower. They were in with the other chicks I had bought at the same time. The differe…

    [Read more]

  • IceFire Said:

    One thing to remember about meat chickens…you need to process them between 6 and 8 weeks of age. Otherwise, because their growth rate is so fast, their hearts and blood vessels can not keep up, so they tend to die if kept longer than that.

    Wow. Until you brought that up, I thought those were a myth.
    How much do they eat?
    (and w…[Read more]

  • While I DO drink coffee, I limit myself to 1 cup first thing in the morning (any more/later than that, and I DON’T sleep at night) and I have a pretty good “stash” of it on hand, so didn’t buy any. Right now, with me on “temporary unpaid vacation” (in other words, the one job ended, and I haven’t found another yet) I’m only replenishing wh…

    [Read more]

  • TRex2 replied to the topic OK: You’re a Survivalist/Prepper in the forum A.N.T.S. 1 month ago

    Illini’s awswers are illogical. He is fighting a fight against someone who hasn’t shown up. While a mountain bike would be a massive multiplier, it is also outside the realm of the question. The question would be what you would do, in the situation described. I do applaud always being prepared with something like a mountain bike, however.

  • TRex2 replied to the topic OK: You’re a Survivalist/Prepper in the forum A.N.T.S. 1 month ago

    The Scenario said:

    You left that morning and expected to be back that night. You made it there, but soon after, the lights went out. And after checking different means of power, you realized it happened.

    From this, we can see three things.
    (1)It is still daylight. (2)The power grid is down. (3)Possibly your car won’t start (doesn’t say this, but…[Read more]

  • IceFire: I notice you didn’t mention Coffee in your haul from the commissary. Are you a non-coffee drinker? or does the commissary not have great prices on coffee any more?

    Cin: that is one heck of a haul. Congrats.
    Same to Illini Warrior.

  • This isn’t the right place for this conversation, but here goes:

    Never give up, and never surrender.
    OK, you are 100 miles from home, and can make 2 miles per hour.
    So, that means about 5 days, reasonably.
    In the first few minutes, you need to be looking at your map, and doing a fast assessment of what you need today to carry with you.
    The…[Read more]

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