• almost forgot…the best way to store dried taters long term….buy some metal paint cans and lids from a paint store, like sherwin williams..make sure the chips are dry, dry, dry (i throw mine in a 300 degree oven for about 1/2 hour) fill the can, pound the lid on, lable, date, and store…
    dehudrated taters work best in au graten and escalloped…[Read more]

  • potatoes at 30 cents a pound are a real deal right now…15 pounds for $5.00
    the quickest way to dehydrate them is to peel them, use the food processer to thin slice them…..nice uniforn thickness that way..and quick…
    then soak them in water and lemon juice…1 cup lemon juice per 1/2 gallon water…for about an hour…this keeps them white..it…[Read more]

  • this thread reminded me..
    last year i made burger rocks..the suet that came off i pored into a can, cooled, put in a ziplock bag, and stored in the basement….
    i just checked it….it’s growing a nice fur coat, but under that, it looks and smells fine….but i don’t think i’ll be cooking with it.
    when the time comes, i will melt it, pore it into…[Read more]

  • everyone should have this problem 😀
    i just took 6 pints of fresh canned tomato sauce to the basement and found….i have run out of shelf space!! 😯
    guess i have to construct a third set of shelves…soon…like tomorrow….
    i really thought the first set would be enough…a double decker with room for 135 jars on each deck..
    nope…the…[Read more]

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