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Prepper Classifieds Disclaimer


These subforums are offered as a service to members of the American Preppers Network. By using these subforums, you assume responsibility for any transaction occurring between yourself and another member. APN ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR ANY TRANSACTIONS WHICH MAY OCCUR.

In order to facilitate legal transactions between members, there are rules to follow:

1. Anyone may view posts in this subforum, but only members can respond to postings or send a private message to the poster. If you want to participate, join.
2. If you choose to respond to a posting, just remember – BUYER BEWARE. Follow proper netiquette. Again, APN ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR ANY TRANSACTION WHICH MAY OCCUR THROUGH THIS SUBFORUM.
3. Members ONLY may post items on this subforum. However, all posts are subject to the review of a moderator, and any post which does not meet the specified criteria (or which is deemed questionable) will NOT be posted.
4. New members may be subject to additional procedures before they are allowed to post in this subforum. New members will NOT be allowed to post in this subforum for their FIRST post. Go to the main forum and introduce yourself first. Members with fewer than five posts may be asked to respond to a private message before their post appears. These requirements are to protect the board from being inundated with messages from spambots and guerilla marketers.
5. ANY ITEM WHICH IS RESTRICTED IN NORMAL COMMERCE IS NOT ALLOWED ON THIS BOARD. This includes any posts on transactions involving firearms, alcohol, tobacco, prescriptions, illegal drugs, as well as any item prohibited from open sale by any state or federal law. If you question whether an item that you wish to post falls within this criteria, send a message to the moderator, and they will make that determination.
6. THIS SUBFORUM IS NOT TO BE USED AS A DATING SERVICE. Members will often look for like-minded individuals in their area, and this is fine. However, once again, APN ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR ANY TRANSACTION WHICH MAY OCCUR THROUGH THIS SUBFORUM, and that includes meetings between individuals. APN does not run background checks or screen its members, so use your own judgment in deciding whether or not to assume the risk of meeting an individual you have met from the internet. Any sexually explicit messages will be deleted.
7. If you post an item for sale or for trade, or if you decide to purchase or trade for an item listed, be sure both parties come to agreement on the terms of sale, method of purchase, and method of exchange (shipping, pick-up, etc.) The terms of any transaction is a private matter between the two parties, and APN ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR ANY PART OF THE TRANSACTION.
8. Once a transaction is completed, be sure to post a final message on the thread designating that the item has been sold or traded.
9. DO NOT submit multiple posts for the same item. If an item has not been sold or traded within seven days of posting, an item may be re-listed, or a post may be added to “bump” the thread. DO NOT attempt to keep “bumping” threads to the top of newer posts (several non-responsive posts in one day) – however, feel free to answer questions or respond to posts.

If your post is deleted or never appears on the subforum, please send a private message to the forum moderator. If there is a problem with the content of your message, the moderator will tell you what the problem is, and you can choose whether to revise the message to meet posting requirements or you can choose not to post. Should you disagree with a determination by the moderator not to post a message, you may send a private message to North Idaho Patriot, and ask that the determination not to be post be reviewed by the board’s moderators. A determination not to post from NIP is FINAL – there is no further review.

This subforum is still in the testing stage. Modifications to the rules and requirements may happen. APN reserves the right to make changes and modifications to the terms of use – including complete termination of this subforum – without notice. All questions regarding the use of this subforum should be directed to this forum’s moderator listed above.

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