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Building a Root Cellar

Do-it-yourself and How To. Tips, plans and construction of things such as Root Cellars, Green houses, Dog houses, and more...

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Re: Building a Root Cellar

Postby boltactionreducer » Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:55 pm

ponymama44 wrote:I have a friend here in PA that was talking about building a small root cellar by digging a hole just big enough to sink an old chest freezer into the ground. the earth would stabilze the temperature but the freezer insulation ( as long as the compartment was full) would prevent freezing

would that work in iowa you think with wind chill it was neg 10
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Re: Building a Root Cellar

Postby namwal » Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:32 pm

landrun89 wrote:In the old days they would take long handled post hole diggers and dig eight feet down and basically make a rectangle and put the dirt they were pulling up in the middle of the rectangle. They would then fill in the square/mound with concrete, and then dig the dirt out from around the concrete on the inside. They would finish the opening end with stairs/doors at a later time. I have two or three on my place over 100 years old that have wagon axles over the door jam, names and dates inscribed on the inside.
I am in the process of building another underground I am using a track hoe to dig my hole and I am placing big square bales of hay inside the hole( two high x two wide x two long eight bales all together, 4ftx8ft each bale. I will then rebar around the hay bales and pour concrete over the bales using the dirt as my backstop and then let my animals eat the bales of hay out, what they don't eat I can grab with my skidsteer. I will block out the doorway when I am pouring and do the door and steps later. I believe I can build this for under $1000. I haven't decided to put a floor in it or not I have seen both ways, and tend to think the dirt floors retain less water and smell less like mold and such?

Brilliant first post!!! I like the post hole digger concept! No form to build or brace. I'm going to think on that some more. :clap:
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