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FBI Agent Indicted in Oregon Standoff

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FBI Agent Indicted in Oregon Standoff

Postby Blondie » Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:32 pm

Dirk, my friend......just for you. An FBI agent has been indicted for a few misstated facts. Ahem.

Not much but maybe it's a start:

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Re: FBI Agent Indicted in Oregon Standoff

Postby Dirk Williams » Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:36 am

Thank you, Blondie, benn tracking this, was aware of he indictment, friends up at Duchutes County Sheriffs Offce, told me this was coming. When I asked why just one HRT member, and not both, they just shrugged their shoulders." They get it, they don't like it".

If you recall, on film, the second HRT member was filmed using his flashlight so the other HRT guy could police his brass. Also recall that when questioned by DCSO, BOTH HRT members lawyered up.

I'll say this again. The actions taken by the HRT members were not random. These tactics are " learned" these guys were taught this, likely by the military, a tier 1 TraDoc training session.

Their actions , in my humble opinion were done to create chaos, at the Finicum murder. The bullet that impacted the truck was not delivered with the intent of hitting, but to induce, the other agencies to fire.

Blondie, I'm sure you've seen it, when one cops shooting, the others think Probable Cause for deadly Force has been determined by a fellow team member. It's the physiological side of multiple officers shooting, even when individually, the other officers didn't see a reason to shoot.

They " key" on the initial shooters engaging.

I've been their before. I didn't shoot, cuz I saw nothing warranting deadly force engagement.

During depositions, when asked by deposing attorneys why I didn't engage, my answer generally, " from my position I did not see any suspect actions that I concluded required my addition deadly force inclusion.

In essence, I didn't see what the others saw, I determined that additional weapons being fired by me would not lend to a better outcome.

After the depos, I read and reread the others statements. Two others stated they shot, cuz the first guy shot. That statement was made in multiple depos on different shooting investigations.

I was fascinated by the actions of the others, I eventually contacted a psychologist friend, and over a couple ice cold corona's shared my learnings.

She, explained that this is common, it's fight, flight, freeze stuff.

If anybody reading this dosnt think the FBI, head Dr's don't know this, your in denial.

These HRT guys used that info, that mind set as a weapon.

Sorry to carry on. think it important to " teach" where I can. One of us may need to understand this at some point in our lives.

Dirk Williams
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Re: FBI Agent Indicted in Oregon Standoff

Postby Gunns » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:52 pm

It only takes one shot to get it all going.

Many decades ago in Mn a man shot and killed a Highway Patrolman. Nearly cut him in half with a double barrel. They set up a road block up ahead using a semi hauling cement bricks.

The guy stops and then when the HP uses the bullhorn to say hands up, one shoots and all 100 plus officers opened up. The car was destroyed in a hail of bullets. The guy didn't stand a chance. Though of course he got what he asked for in my opinion. They never figured out who shot first.
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