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How long will you stick around?

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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby fedorthedog » Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:28 pm

As stated before I will stay til half are gone, then I will take what I can and go. For those of us who want to survive remember we have tools at work we may not want to leave for others.
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby hardcore46 » Wed May 02, 2012 9:49 pm

I will leave as soon as it as apparent that the S has HTF, or if it is obviuosly imminent. I have sworn an oath as part of my job, and have done so before (US ARMY). While I do take that oath seriously, and I recognize that I do have a responsibility to the public that has been paying me, I have a greater responsibilty and supreme duty to serve and protect my family/retreat group. If the SHTF becomes an long-term event, I won't count on being paid, and I will have pressing duties at my B.I.L. (homestead).
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby Gunns » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:14 am

One thing I did not see discussed on this thread. As Law Enforcement, you may be called first by the Government to help with the top down. Van Jone's bottom up, top down approach to total Government control. You may find yourselves called upon to fire on civilians, in mass or even find yourselves being fired upon for not following orders.

To you LEO's out there, plan ahead, make sure you know what you will do if an illegal order is given. Good luck.
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby Watchdog » Thu Jun 14, 2012 9:11 pm

I'm not defined by my job, therefore I would choose my family. I would do my job until the slightest bit of danger encroached toward my family. I love my job, and the guys I work with, but my family is what makes me want to be better, not my job. All the guys I know would do the same thing, we've set out a plan to band together so one can only hope that the plan doesn't unravel; if it does, I have a plan B.

If I'm given an order to do some BS like murder innocent people, I'm out, and raising HELL on my way out; at least that's what I hope I will do. I always say you never know till it's you, so thats why I say I hope I would.
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby penrod » Thu Aug 02, 2012 3:59 pm

an excellent question that i have asked myself and been asked by others in my group. the only answer that i can give is that it will depend on the situation, so i will have to flexible. yes i have swore to defend the citizens of my county, but not at the expense of my family and others who have joined my group. a leadership position i did not ask for, nor really want. on the other hand, i seem to be one of a few who will make a decision and have the commitment to stay with it.
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby hdb90 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:06 pm

I agree with an earlier post. Small town/ urban LEOs will most likely stick around longer if not for good. Working at both a city and a village there are big differances. In the cities very few people know you personally and you are not as dedicated to them. In a small village mostly everyone knows you. They are dependent on you. They will expect to see you. So you'll feel more obligated to stay. But the bottom line is my family will always come first. When I feel things are going to far I'm gone.
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby tc556guy » Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:03 am

Tobor wrote:dont get me wrong i like the brave boys in blue but i dont see them doing the cop thing after EMP or complete collapse..if we are talking normal disasters hurricane flood twister yes some will and some wont but its because the normal will return in a few months..paychecks will still happen supplies and fuel will still be available etc..but after an EMP event the cop is gonna be walking the beat or if he/she is lucky a horse to ride..if you break it down by turf city/town cops will be ale to patrol a town on foot or horse fairly well..county cops/sheriffs not so well state boys impossible..cops have become tech animals anymore they have cars radios computers linked to massive databases.. none which will be available so they will have to go back to the old ways of personally knowing thier turf and everyone on it..

You'll find deputies working out of substations rather than a central office. Village PDs will probably still cover their current areas and maybe some of the surrounding townships.
I see the SP going back to being a roving entity, sort of like the US Marshalls, or being limited to major metro areas and their more rural officers folded into local LE. Who knows...most State Police units weren't created until the modern automobile era.

I would hazard a guess that the unincorporated areas will be on their own. The days of the farmer only going into town once a week to conduct business will return, and if he has legal problems that can wait til then, they'll wait. The current way of doing business of running multiple LE guys to every domestic or complaint of petty crime will disappear.
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby Don Cowles » Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:36 pm

Even though I have been retired from LE for many years (I was a police sergeant in the Chicago area), the concept of "duty" is still with me. I have an obligation as a human being to help where I can. Should it become obvious that I can no longer help, then it's time to go.
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby TexasBlue » Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:08 am

I'm an Oath Keeper (former LEO and military, they got me twice), and my husband is still on the force. I've thought about this myself and come to the conclusion that if it gets bad enough that he has to break out the riot gear, or I hear a whisper of martial law, or the paychecks stop, his work can go fly a kite.

If he disagrees with my assessment of the situation, not to worry. He's not missing, he's handcuffed. I can take him.

I feel that in a SHTF situation, he & I can take help care of our neighborhood and still be upholding our oath. Seriously, things are bad enough trying to protect & serve in a town of any size in the good times. When it gets really bad, stay where you know people personally and they know you.
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby joseywales44 » Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:17 am

I'm a Police Officer, but currently I'm working in Corrections. We have 1176 level 4 inmates (this means that no one has a sentence of life w/o the possibility of parole). We have a double fence, with the inner fence electrified (What do you call an electric fence when the power goes off?...A ladder!) The area I work has 4 prisons within a 2 mile radius encompassing approx. 5000 inmates. about 10 miles away (as the crow flies) is a female institution that houses ALL the female State inmates no matter their custody level (probably another 1000+ inmates) right across the street from this prison is the county jail, I don't know how many inmates are housed there. SOOooooo, We're looking at between 6,000 & 7,000 inmates. The County jail is self maintained, as far as food goes, the State prisons are supplied from a central warehouse located on the same road as 3 of the institutions.

OK, there is probably only approx. 3 days of food stored in this warehouse and 3 of the 5 camps are served by the same water tower. When/if the SHTF, we (corrections officers) will be mandated to stay on the job and not allowed to leave the facility. Now if you're inside the fence, you're locked in with the inmates, if you're lucky enough to be on outside perimeter duty, I guess you could walk off if you choose.

I plan to be out the gate BEFORE any of the brass has a chance to make a decision to try to keep me.
We don't have enough weapons or ammunition to prevent a concerted assault on the perimeter by the inmates. At times, I have more ammunition in MY CAR than we have at the institution...sad but true.
I did take an oath years ago to protect and defend and to uphold the law...I didn't swear in that oath to die for some stupid assed prison!

My first concern is for my family, my community comes in a distant second in a SHTF situation.

I don't know WHAT would happen in a prolonged grid down situation concerning prisons. I do know at the best of times our control is really only illusionary. When the food and water run out, I just don't see "normal" measures being sufficient to deal with the prison situation. I DO know that I AIN'T gonna be on the line when it goes down.

I will still protect and defend, it'll just be at my house...not the BIG HOUSE. :gunsmile:
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby Streetboss » Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:29 pm

Chester, when I trained with the JTTF, we were told to expect a 40% job abandonment ratio for first responders and all medical personnel. That's actually a pretty high number and can leave those who stay with a daunting task to maintain control as well as respond to other emergencies. I think the fight or flight depends on factors of personal and/or family danger. If your family was out of harms way, you might stay a while longer. But I can tell you one thing for sure, all Administrative personnel assume that 100% of their people will report for duty...talk about disillusionment.
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby hesitantprepper » Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:45 pm

I have thought numerous times on this topic. I finally realized that in a SHTF scenario most of us would be dead. If you would just think about how many criminals just in your zone would love to blow your head off and not have to answer for it. I think the best case scenario would be thinking we would have approx. 4 days after that the criminal element and leo haters would find us. Hell to think about it a patrol officer would make a one stop shopping target for someone needing survival items. You would have several firearms, ammunition, body armor and you can not forget several really awesome flashlights (can't help it, we do love those things lol)

If I could give you some advise it would be this. teach your family on how to defend themselves no matter their ages. To keep your spouse in the loop and teach them how to survive with out you. If that time ever comes and I pray it never does, put your head on a swivel, do the best you can and know your community needs you now more then ever. Be safe out on patrol and take care.
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby Alwaysthenewguy » Thu Dec 15, 2016 9:35 am

This is an old post but I will throw in my answer. Its really simple for me. At any hint of trouble my family gets to the BOL with or without my help immediately. They have people there who are more than capable of protecting them. I will stay until its obviously time to leave. Alone I can travel day or night, take the long way if necessary and run fast enough to avoid most dangers, and survive on very little for a time. Maximum flexibility for me and total safety for my family is my plan.
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby irdly » Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:19 am

when the power goes out, there's gonna be no pumping gas, no water in the pipes, no heat, no refrigeration, no AC. The $100 bill will be arse=wipe. Nobody is going to work for free. Everyone will bail out within a few days. the cities will burn over lack of water and fire dept. Average one half of a tank of gas, that's as far as 99% will be going. the 1% had gas cans stashed, or got lucky and filled up from stalled cars, from farmer's gravity fed tanks. etc. So they get one more full tank's travel, and then that's it.

A guy with some 5 gallon jerrycans of gas, on a motorcycle, can have 1000 miles of range and if it's an offroad model, with night vision and wire cutters, he can mostly travel offroad, but that will cut his range in half. Still, a bike needs so little gas, that he'll find plenty along the way, as long as he goes in the first week of shtf.
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Re: How long will you stick around?

Postby sageprice » Sat Dec 17, 2016 2:18 pm

Once again I put keyboard to screen. Why do you prep? Is prepping just storing a stock of food and guns? Have you looked beyond the first year?
You prep to survive and thrive. But what are you prepping for? Natural disaster, or man made one! Have you done your home work by studying the past? Are you adaptable enough to handle two or three events at the same time? Can you live without all your gadgets and gizmos. What would you do to survive if you were out hunting only to return home and find it burnt to the ground and your family dead. Do you have the heart and soul to survive when all your closet preps are destroyed? CHANGE is the only constant in this dynamic world and it face is forever changing. CAN you adapt, or are you prepping to a END. Who is going to help you when everyone else is gone. YOU stick only so long as you can adapt in the environment you are in. If you can not adapt, you do what all cultures do, you MOVE! You move to a space that you can adapt to and then you grow again. They don't call it a event TEOTWAWKI for nothing. Everything will change, How will you handle the LACK of water, food, heat, cooling, law enforcement, fire fighting, complete collapse of infrastructure, culture and government. You will have to rebuild all that or be forced into something far worse. Sticking around isn't about Bugging Out it about surviving
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