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Shooting a 107 year old man, what would you do?

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Shooting a 107 year old man, what would you do?

Postby Mr Grey » Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:31 am

I just read this article and want to make sure I am not crazy. heres the link. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-576 ... -shootout/ Now I am not suggesting that this guy gets a free pass to shoot at LEO because of his advanced age but I wanted to know how you guys would respond to this. I am a team leader in the military and would "NOT" have chosen this course of action at all. IMO the guy is old, he is holed up in a room that is not self sustaining, and he does not have a hostage. Personally if this happened on my watch I would have waited the guy out. My team can get fresh coffee and food and use the portajohn whenever we want. He cant. To me this seems like a ridiculous upper chain of command decision to "make the problem go away" and sorry if one of you gets shot. I have no LEO experience but I take my team members safety very seriously and they would have had to relive me of duty before I signed on to this Sh!t show (and they would very quickly no doubt). I was just curious what your opinion/experiences would be. Maybe there is something I am missing.
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Mr Grey
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Re: Shooting a 107 year old man, what would you do?

Postby frank+4 » Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:44 am

The very least I would do is say something, and I am now. This is becoming very standard police behavior, and I don't believe it was as much for the sake of stopping a dangerous criminal as it was for sending a clear message to the general public from the police establishment- submit or face deadly force. And never question the absolute authority of the police. Have a great day and remember that freedom and liberty are not given to us by government but must be insisted on and taken by the people (We, the people).
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Re: Shooting a 107 year old man, what would you do?

Postby only+strong » Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:52 am

Mr. Grey & Frank (you beat me to it by a minute :clap: ), I agree with your experience based opinion on this. I have 0 military experience , but just "common sense", and my 26.5 years in DOCS tell me to act the same way in this particular case. In my opinion, this is another example of our "local" , once legit, "To protect and serve" police forces showing the SHEEPLE that they are now "para-military" (per orders of the regime), and will not tolerate any "misbehaving" from us lowly civilians! There have been multiple cases lately of local police forces rolling into dodge, armored up like Marines just to settle simple domestic disputes, etc.. This is all happening as a leadup to another Boston type scenario. With obama INTENTIONALLY trying to collapse our economy, arming and funding muslim "brother"hood terrorist, dividing Americans by religion, wealth, and race, and attempting to start a 3rd world war to speed it all along so he can have his NWO, we are going to see much more of this each day!!
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