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Considerable Thought For Long Term Prep

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Considerable Thought For Long Term Prep

Postby watchman220 » Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:50 am

There is alot to think about when you are trying to prep for every possible scenario of disaster, or government failure, or financial failure. Not to mention the possibilities of straight up tyranny. When I think about this, one of the primary things that goes through my head is how long should we be prepping for and why?

One quickly goes from prepping for a two week emergency plan of power outage and food spoilage to long term self-sustaining lifestyle changes that will enable someone to live off the grid and have a steady supply of all the critical needs of food, water, medical, and shelter.

Additionally the thought of having to flee rather than confront overwhelming military force in order to evade capture and captivity comes to mind. It is this type of scenario that has me thinking the hardest about where I am going and what plans I have in case it gets really bad.

During all of this I am thinking that we will be enduring the persecution of the ungodly leaders of a New World Order and it is precisely this reason that I am interested in knowing what will come to pass according to prophecy. I particular I am interested in Biblical Prophecy. So much so that I have spent nearly 20 years of my life studying the subject. I feel like I have come to an understanding at this point that would benefit those of us who are vigilant and those of us who are preparing for the worst.

The book is called The Glorious Battle. It covers the historical foundation of prophecy, fulfilled prophecy, future expectations of prophetic fulfillment, and what we can be doing to prepare for the difficult times ahead. All of this from a Biblical level headed perspective, rather than the crazed antics of some who desire to take on the New World Order...(a prospect which I would consider suicide.)

Here are some links to more information. It will be in print soon. But right now it is available in most Ebook formats.
The Glorious Battle Website
The Glorious Battle - Amazon Kindle Version
Here is the book cover.
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Re: Considerable Thought For Long Term Prep

Postby Lynda » Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:33 am

Books or General Faith would be the best sub-forums for this topic.
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Re: Considerable Thought For Long Term Prep

Postby Tobor » Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:11 am

i agree lynda the mods will move it im guessing..i have a problem with the title of the book, there is no such thing as a Glorious Battle because by definition a battle denotes death and destruction and the taking of life is never good just sometime an evil necessity..i wont go into the religious content because i am a firm believer that faith and religion are a persons choice and should not be pushed or beaten into another..but i like the idea that your thinking long term and knowing that it may entail life changes and methods not just a band aid fix of a couple yrs of dried goods..be well and prosper may the force be with you and dont believe the dark side when the ask you to come over because they have cookies..
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Re: Considerable Thought For Long Term Prep

Postby IceFire » Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:12 am

Moving this to the "Faith" section.
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