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HAM net

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Re: HAM net

Postby DiverDwn » Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:22 pm

Rod wrote:All you have to do is google a ham call sign for the information. Those that have their call on a license plate are giving out a lot of information about themselvs that should only be available to police. I have not done it but there is a form that you can use to change your address on file at the FCC, still anyone that gets your call sign has your name. This is why the digital modes are a bit more attractive, at least the simple crook on the next block can't make out my call sign.

My address is a PO Box. You should change yours as well, if you are concerned about op-sec. I still don't advertise my call sign.

Vina8-DH wrote:What's your goal in meeting prepper hams?

To meet other preppers who are also hams.
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Re: HAM net

Postby repsfo » Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:28 pm

Vina8-DH wrote:
DiverDwn wrote:I've been keeping my call sign off these boards for the same reason. I have met with my local ham group and they are not preppers. Ergo, I an looking here.

I don't announce that I'm a prepper to my local ham club. A lot of hams have 3 days to two weeks of preps, bugout bags, etc. Especially if they are involved in ARES/RACES and/or CERT.

What's your goal in meeting prepper hams?

In an emergency, any ham can answer and forward my distress call, and any ham can give me a situation report. I don't see additional benefit in talking to a prepper ham unless I've already met them personally and they live close enough that we might be able to physically help each other. A ham, who's a doctor, may be able to give me medical advice over the air but again it doesn't matter if he's a prepper or not.

re Rod:
This is why the digital modes are a bit more attractive, at least the simple crook on the next block can't make out my call sign.

I strongly agree. There are so many digital modes that most hams can't monitor your transmissions. See my Nov 12 post above.

I agree that Digital modes and communicating so others can't monitor transmissions is useful when "talking" within a group about moving supplies or meeting after an event. But it kinda defeats the purpose of exchanging general stiuation information, affected area, extent of damage, etc. In my opinion unless a specific messge contains sensitive information it should be sent by open means on common FM frequencies on multiple bands ( and other services like CB, FRS, GMRS, MURS) to benefit the most people listening. There is a balance to remain secure and benefit the most people.
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Re: HAM net

Postby Vina8-DH » Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:48 am

Here are links to an interesting video presentation (40 min) and a PDF of a subset of the same material.
"Amateur Radio in Support of Situational Awareness, Common Operating Picture and Community Resilience for 21st Century Emergency Communications"



The video is more interesting than the PDF. It's focused on a big government response to a disaster but they are trying to make use of hams and CERT teams to communicate within their local community and to pass info outside the disaster to first responders.

Many of their solutions (mesh networks, etc.) don't apply directly to preppers but the problems they're trying to solve do apply and are thought provoking.

PS: I find it amusing that the spelling checker for APN flags "prepped" as a misspelled word.
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Re: HAM net

Postby stevenswilkins » Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:50 pm

this saturday at the nc state fair ground in raleigh is the rars ham radio fest ;) we will be there finally checking out gear!!!!!!!! woot woot :clap:
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Re: HAM net

Postby Cadit » Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:18 pm

Hey; anyone still monitoring this post. I just got my Tech. license and was hoping to find some group here on the APN or ANTS sites? It looks like people are concerned about their ID and info. If you use a PO Box when getting your license, then they want have you address.
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