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Winter Travel Reminder

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Winter Travel Reminder

Postby Permafrost » Tue Dec 30, 2014 5:50 pm

Just a quick reminder for anyone traveling off the road system this winter.

This is one of the warmest winters on record and the river ice is very thin. In some places you will have ice that is 2" thick on the way in and it is open water on the way back to the road a few days later. I got to thinking about a list of gear that might be a good idea for anyone traveling off road this winter either by smowmachine or dog sled.

Dry Bag Contents:
sleeping bag
change of clothes
flares in ziplock or vac pac bag for starting fires in a hurry, along with kindling and birch bark
spare artic gear
spare boots if you are not using bunny boots
quick calories like a tub of lard or sticks of butter

Other Gear:
winch or come-a-long
spare parts
propane torch for heating up engine parts or help thawing ice off of parts that were submerged in water
saw and ax

One final thing that I have found that is helpful. I have 2 tied together by a rope that hangs around my neck whenever I am riding at slow speed or I am on foot. Take a 4" x 6" piece of 1" plywood and attach a handle on the top side of it and screw in numerous inch and a half screws all over the top. The screws will stick out the bottom side of the block about a 1/2". What you end up with is a handle that will grip into the ice so that it is easier to pull yourself out of the ice if you fall through. It is easy to make from scraps laying around the shop and I have seen them made from many materials, but the end result will be a way to grip the ice so that you can pull yourself out.
Alaska Preppers Network
Alaska Preppers Network
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Re: Winter Travel Reminder

Postby Northman57 » Sat Jan 17, 2015 5:53 pm

I like this tip, do you wear your pack when riding as well? Do you pull an Ahkio sled behind you with gear too? Just wondering if the sled might help keep your machine from going all the way under the ice due to being somewhat buoyant with gear strapped to it and provide something else to crawl out on. I was thinking your pack would help keep you afloat long enough to deploy your ice measures too. Funny how I never considered the fact that I may go through open water until you posted about it. Very informative list, how do you use the lard for calories? Just eating it seems gross. What about Cliff bars instead? They are about a buck each at walmart when you get the box of twelve. Lots of calories there too. I'm vegetarian and want to avoid lard or butter even though I used to love butter. Lol
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Re: Winter Travel Reminder

Postby Permafrost » Sat Jan 17, 2015 10:04 pm

Keep the dry bag on my back if I am riding alone. Most of the time I'm hauling freight out to the cabin so I have a variety of sleds depending on what I am hauling.
Yes lard is gross, the taste will make you gag, but you can keep it down. I have found that pure fat is the only quick calorie thing that will metabolize almost instantly if you are in real trouble. Gram for gram lard is the most calorie dense food you can get to take with you. I read a report that was talking about the calories that instantly burn when you go through the ice or have a instant cold shock to your system, it was something like 3,000 instantly and then the body starts turning all reserves to ATP because heat is created as a byproduct of the biological function. A human being will burn as much as 8,000 calories in the first hour, the body can not metabolize the fat reserves in the body quick enough so that is why you eat pure fat. If I was native I would much prefer seal oil but I have to trade for that and it is hard for me to get a quantity of it.
Alaska Preppers Network
Alaska Preppers Network
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Re: Winter Travel Reminder

Postby AuntBee » Sat Jan 17, 2015 10:20 pm

Fat is longer lasting fuel for the body. You could try making quinoa granola bars with coconut oil instead of butter. They're pretty easy to make, you can add nuts, dried fruit that you like best (or make a veggie version with Dehydrated vegetables, maybe some FD cheese, add spices.). Coconut oil is good, too, because it doesn't get rancid. I don't think it does, anyway. It doesn't taste like coconut either.

Aunt Bee
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