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Earthquake & Supply Problems

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Earthquake & Supply Problems

Postby Permafrost » Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:26 pm

So I was out & away from all things electrical for a while and when I got back there was a lot of news to catch up on, it always amazes me what I don't hear about when I'm out.

Apparently there was some supply problems in Fairbanks, one of the four container ships that supplies Alaska was broke down. I guess shelves were somewhat empty for a while. There is some talk about a investigation into why Los Anchorage was fully stocked and everywhere else was shorted so that Los Anchorage would not see a disruption. It has prompted another round of preparedness talks in the interior and a friend has said that there has been rumblings about expanding the state emergency food cache in Fairbanks, he is thinking that it might go to bid this year or next year depending on the price of oil and the budget. My wife said that she hardly noticed the shortage but that some of her co-workers were talking about it. For those new to the interior it was a wake up call about where we stand in the supply line, and a reminder to those of us from here that nothing has really changed even with all the modern technology.

Found out there was a earthquake also, a magnitude 7.1 down in the south somewhere. Still playing catch up with all the news. I suppose one of the good things about living in a place with limited infrastructure is that there is just not that much to get damaged, and living in houses built to move with the permafrost cycle move just as well when there is a earthquake. Anybody out there get any damage?

Saw a really interesting interview about both the supply problems and the quake with: Mike O'Hare - director AK division of homeland security and emergency management, Kelley McGuirk - regional disaster program officer red cross, and Steve Ribuffo - director port of Anchorage. http://www.alaskapublic.org/2016/01/29/ ... in-alaska/ They talked about cascading effect in relation to supplies and general disaster planning on a state level. Interesting that 90% of supplies for the rail belt come through Los Anchorage, makes you wonder if anyone will get any trickle down in a disaster or if Los Anchorage will just keep it all. I found it interesting that Mike O'Hare admitted at about 13:30 that help will not get to anyone for 7 to 10 days at the earliest, if that. "Don't expect the government to show up and provide food right away." This is the first time I have heard a realistic answer to what would happen here during a relief effort, I know it took weeks for aid to get to some of the villages for just small declared disasters here in the interior so it does not surprise me but it is nice to hear the honesty. If anyone has a 1/2 hour it is a interesting interview to watch.
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