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Bartering Skills

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Bartering Skills

Postby tomboy7521 » Sat Aug 25, 2012 11:13 pm

3 Questions for everyone
1. What survival skills do you have?
2. What survival skill do you want to learn most?
3. Which skill do you think is most important

I've really been working on my Bug out Bag and just started getting my food storage but lately I've been realizing that in order to survive longer than most I need to know how to live off of nothing. Give me some ideas of where to start :shakeyes:
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Re: Bartering Skills

Postby namwal » Sat Aug 25, 2012 11:57 pm

Howdy and welcome aboard. It helps to introduce yourself to the group before diving in.

As for skills, water purification, growing food, raising livestock, preserving food, cooking without electricity, making mechanical repairs, sewing, self defense, communications, building shelter, hiking, camping, making a fire, transportation, land navigation, hunting, fishing, first aid, herbal medicine, home fire fighting, foraging, trapping, carpentry, black smithing, candlestick making, learning basic sanitation and waste disposal, masonry, brewing, marksmanship, lumberjack skills, situational awareness, operational security, bee keeping, alternative energy, bartering, detecting harmful radiation, cover and concealment, protecting devices from EMP, bicycle riding and repair, and so on.

While no one can learn and master all of these, you no doubt are familiar with one or several important survival skills already. Perfect those and consider picking up a new one or two to work on also. All the while, keep building your supplies and preps. Surf this forum you will find I depth instruction, discussion and help with these topics and more.

Best of luck to you
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Re: Bartering Skills

Postby tomboy7521 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:44 am

I was just so excited to find this website and wanted to jump on in i guess:) I am a newly wed thats been married a couple of months now. We both moved from Arizona to Altus, OK because of the military. Me and my husband love learning any little thing about survival and just want to be prepared for the worst. uuummmm....i dont know what else to say....i love the color red, my toothbrush is purple and white, and i love chinese food! Thanks for the welcome I've been looking around the website all day:) Its great, I especially love that you can find your state and all the locals, Its really cool that every one can connect this way
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Re: Bartering Skills

Postby pelenaka » Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:47 am

1. What survival skills do you have?

Between my husband & I we pretty much have the majority of skills that namwal, wrote about. Also it's important to practice/use those skills.

2. What survival skill do you want to learn most?

Personally for me as a nurse I need to learn herbal medicie to a greater degree. Walk out the front door, id a plant & know how to use it in it's raw form not just as I do now processed from the health food store.
That old saying if you don't have your health then all the (insert what ever prep you want like #10 long term food cans) won't mean a thing.

3. Which skill do you think is most important?

Hmm ... can't pick just one but my top 3 are medical, defense, food preservation/gathering which includes hunting & gardening ect.

Welcome to APN.
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Re: Bartering Skills

Postby Disa » Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:20 pm

1. What survival skills do you have?

The ability to adapt and think out of the box.

I can, and have, camped long term...weeks at a time and do very well with camp cooking and living without the usual comforts.

I know how to plant and care for a garden. I also know how to preserve what comes out of said garden and make sure I have seeds for the next time.

I'm certified in basic first aid and have a very level head on my shoulders when it comes to emergencies.

I can sew by hand and make clothes using existing clothes as patterns. I'd love to get a treadle sewing machine!

I have complete trust in my man and his ability to make decisions that will keep us alive so I will follow his direction when it counts. Likewise, if it's an area where I have the greater knowledge, he defers to my judgement. We work well together. I also mind well. If he says, "stay put", "hold whatcha got" or "GET DOWN"...I do what he says without asking why or following after him to see what he's doing. My life could depend upon following his direction.

2. What survival skill do you want to learn most?

Just started shooting so I'd like to get more comfortable and proficient at that.

I also want to learn how to keep chickens, rabbits and goats, butcher and preserve them.

3. Which skill do you think is most important?

The ability to adapt and think out of the box.
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Re: Bartering Skills

Postby prep4everything » Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:32 am

The most important skills are the ones that you can fall back on when you are out of the “preps”. Sure it’s nice to be able to build a fire with matches, but once those are used, lost or destroyed then what? Can you make a fire with two sticks? It’s not as easy as you might think, but once you learn how, it’s not that hard. Once you prep food runs out, how are you feeding yourself? Do you know what plants are eatable in your area? Or more importantly which ones are not. Can you build a snare or a dead fall? Have you ever tried? It’s much easier to practice all of this when your life doesn’t depend on it at the time. Have you ever made a shelter that wasn’t store bought? Do you know how to find, collect and purify water? Fact is most people don’t put any time into learning the “basic” skills, they think they can because they have seen it on TV. But once you use, lose or have your preps taken from you, you will find out in a hurry what you do and do not know. Start with understanding the 6C’s to survival (Not my term, but I agree with it 110%)
Cutting tool – 100% the number one thing you need is a good knife
Combustion – You MUST be able to make a fire
Cordage – Cord is super useful for a whole bunch of things
Container – You need something to carry, boil or purify water in
Cargo – You need to be able to carry your stuff on your person, put it down it gets lost, forgotten, or stolen.
Cover – Something to help provide cover in weather (Be it shade, stay dry, warm, ect)
These are the things that should be FIRST in the “bug out bag”, have back ups, and back ups to your back ups, and at the end more back ups. The other stuff is nice to have, but the above is what you need to survive.
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