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Harvey - Irma Survivers/ Preppers

PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:19 pm
by Rosemead
Is it to soon to share? What worked and what didn't. What was your major prerp disappointment?

Re: Harvey - Irma Survivers/ Preppers

PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:01 am
by conjomen
Communication! My am/fm radio got no/0 reception. I need to figure out a better cheap news source. Everything else was perfect. I'll writ up the pro's if anyone is interested.

Re: Harvey - Irma Survivers/ Preppers

PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:27 am
by anita
Yes, let's hear them.

I'll add one from Sandy. This was pre-generator. I have a solar Goal Zero deep-cell battery that I had charged prior to the storm. I could hook it to the router in the evening and run WI-FI throughout the house, and we could use our computers. It was a real lifeline.

I was able to take the battery/laptops to the office and recharge during the day so that they were fully charged at night. If I had had to rely on the solar charging, I wouldn't have been able to run everything every night. I've also been able to run the fan for the fireplace insert with the battery. Those things have been a good investment.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:53 pm
by kenjabroni
Would love to see a write up conjomen. I think it would be helpful to all.

Thanks for your input about that battery Anita. Im going to go look that thing up right now and see about it.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:55 pm
by Rosemead
Yes, please, lets hear the good.

Didn't go for short wave?

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:03 pm
by ForwardPreppers
You set this up before I got the chance to! We just got our power back on yesterday evening at 5pm (Wednesday 9/13).

We are located in what is deemed "middle Georgia" on the eastern side of the state for reference. We are on our homestead as well.
Last week was spent getting ready for the hurricane a bit at a time so by Sunday we were ready to hunker down.
We awoke at 7am Monday morning to wind and rain. I took the dogs out to do their business with a heavy duty golf umbrella. They weren't too freaked out and neither was I. We still had power and were thinking, hmm, this might not be too bad after all.

We were able to watch some news and weather, have breakfast and keep things washed up. The wind continued to pick up and rain got heavier. By 1020am, the electricity cried "uncle" and gave out. We would later learn our circuit was heavily damaged and not seen from any of the main roads the crews were monitoring during the storm. We actually gave it an hour just to see if it was out for good. At the one hour point we got our butts in gear and cranked up the generator. We had not fueled it because we just weren't sure we would lose power - so fueling the the thing in the blowing wind and rain on the back porch. We hooked up the freezer, the fridge and a fan. Having some air circulation in the house was nice. The temps had been cool all week so it wasn't hot but we only had one window cracked open a bit because we were getting rain and wind from all sides. We could hear on our two way radios another couple down the street struggling with their generator as the husband was calling the wife to see what was working in the house - they never got their generator up to speed for their whole house so they will be investigating why that was a problem with a 10,000 Watt generator. Point here - even proven preps sometimes fail, even if not completely.

We had (2) 7 gallon Aqua-tainers pre-filled to use at the sink. These worked perfectly. Highly recommend - purchased from Walmart I think. They're blue square containers with a spigot. The first day, I went through one container to which hubs said "find a better way to conserve the water". OK, do dishes only once a day instead of twice I say to myself. Point here is - water goes faster than you think. We take for granted how many times a day we just wash off our hands real quick or wash up as we go -which I do often. A canister of wet-ones was placed at the bathroom sink as well as a pump of hand sanitizer at the kitchen sink. We found the wet-ones wipes to be especially useful as they helped if you splashed any gas on you when filling the generator. We didn't use the faucets from the point the electricity went off to save whatever was in the well bladder for flushing. It lasted 4 flushes before we needed to fill the tank manually and that wasn't until the next day. Point here - if its yellow, let it mellow...and you know the rest.

The worst of the storm was from around 1pm to 330pm. It wailed on us pretty good and I was nervous watching the pine trees. Luckily we didn't lose any trees, just a whole bunch of debris. Funny observation, chickens didn't seem to be bothered by the high winds and neither were the hummingbirds. All of them looking for their food! I attempted to take the dogs out again around 230pm, this time wearing a rain coat as the wind was too strong for the umbrella - the big one wouldn't come off the porch but the little one made a bee line for the tree line to pee. I was ankle deep in water and looking out for trees. I could not see them but fire ants were floating and several found me! We would experience their wrath every day as they were everywhere and you couldn't always see them until they stung you. Damn ants.

The winds were still with us through the night, dying down then gusting some, and a few light showers as well. Some folks got their power that very night. We grilled a pork chop and heated a can of green beans on our propane grill and stove for supper. We washed our hair in the kitchen sink using warmed water. I set up a simple sponge bath system in our walk in shower. We opted to have a shower curtain instead of a door and this helps a lot. Water for flushing was stored in the shower too, out of the way. As the day began winding down, the lights blinked back to life at 910pm for a whole 4 minutes. Oh the celebrating and quick shuffle to unplug items and call our friends with the whole house generator and just like went off and stayed off. We gave it an hour or so and plugged the freezer back into the generator and went to bed.

We used battery operated Coleman lanterns for light. Hear me tell you, it is DARK at night with no power and heavy clouds. Like wake in the night, can't see nothing, need a flashlight to go to the bathroom! DARK. :ninja: We had brought the fan into the bedroom for air circulation and white noise.

Thought for sure we would get power back on Tuesday. Had to provide a neighbor some water from our rain barrel so he could flush their toilet. Drove into nearest town to assess damage in the area and allow hubs to check email and VM for his work. We get zero cell service at our home without a booster - we also found out later that all service went down that afternoon around 1pm in town. The couple of fast-food places were slammed as our town had 3 full motels of FL and GA evacuees (we didn't partake, just observed). We drove back home observing lots of trees down, debris, metal roof damage on old buildings, trees on power lines, downed power lines and no power crews in site. When we returned home we hooked up the TV and cable box (Direct TV) - this was nice to keep an eye on weather and news, not to mention watching a movie to pass the time in the dark. Found out from a friend that it could be a couple more days before our power came back on. We were offered a shower at a friends but we decided we could handle this - we thought it was a great exercise for us. Sandwiches for lunch and grilled sausages and macaroni & cheese for dinner. Thank goodness for propane grill and stove! Just miss that running water! Another sponge bath before bed. Point here - in a SHTF, people will stink, no doubt about it.

Wednesday we went back into town, CVS hubs had meds to pick up and we needed more wet-ones wipes but they didn't have any. Stopped at Harvery's Supermarket - they hadn't had any deliveries since before the storm except for a meat truck that had arrived that morning. Shelves were light but not awful. Onto Wal-mart - Their shelves were a little more lightly stocked than Harvey's. Very little bread, the snack cake aisle looked like wolves had gone through it, PB & J stock was very low. But I did find Wet-ones wipes and picked up a few things - hubs wanted a couple of cords/plugs for the generator as we were anticipating higher temps and needed/wanted the AC. Got some lunch in town and delivered some food to our neighbors - gas station fried chicken...please don't judge me, lol, it is so good!

At this point you find yourself in a routine. It really doesn't take long. Yes, we still flipped a light switch here and there! If you flushed, you went out to the rain barrel to refill. You made sure you cleaned your shoes/feet as to not drag in too much dirt or sand. I had already planned our dinner, invited friends over and was settled into our routine and accepted the fact that we may have to continue for a few more days came back on. Just like that. And it stayed on!

I threw in a load of wash, washed the dishes in the sink, quickly vacuumed the floor and made dinner. We celebrated with our prepper friends that we now had running water! Indoor plumbing, what an amazing blessing.

Mrs. FP

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:16 pm
by anita
I agree about having the container with a spigot on it at the sink. I also have one in every bathroom when the power is out. Great for hand-washing, or getting a glass of water. I fill them whenever I expect the power to go out. The ones I have hold about a gallon.

I have several little O2Cool battery-powered fans. They are great when there's no Power or A/C. The batteries last forever and just that bit of air movement is helpful.

Re: Harvey - Irma Survivers/ Preppers

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:42 pm
by kenjabroni
FP thanks for the summary. Glad you and the poochies are doing fine. Its nice to see what worked and what needed some fine tuning. I always hate to see people having to ride out the storms like this but its always nice to see someone who is trying to be ready and prepared make it through the events alright. You had some great recommendations that I need to get shored up in my belongings.

5 years or so ago the wife son and I were living in southern MS and a very minor hurricane came ashore. We were living in an rv at the time and we werent prepared for anything honestly. I had a weapon and that was the extent of it. The in laws had a condo there and we were allowed to stay there. The son and I went and got sandbags to make a barrier around the front door. That was a challenge. We learned real quick to not both carry the bags to the car at the same time. People didnt mind taking what we had worked to fill. The wife and son went to lowes to get plywood for the windows while I was at my new job at the time. They cut what we needed and every window was just big enough that we couldnt get two pieces out of a sheet. It was okay though because there was a pastor there looking for anyone that could donate anything to help him and his church out. The wife gave him 4 or 5 almost half sheets of plywood that we didnt need and he was so grateful because he hadnt been able to get much up to that point. We arent the most religious people but we are good people and help out people when we can and to those who are in need.

We lost power the day the storm came onto land. It blew some stuff around and caused some very minor flooding. I thought we would have power back soon. 1 day turned into 4 miserable days. MS heat and humidity.........SUCKS when you have no power and no air circulation. I slept on the kitchen floor because it was the only cool place. My son slept on the tile next to the front door. Needless to say we didnt sleep much. What was crazy about the entire situation was that there was power across the street from us the entire 4 days. Thank goodness we were able to go and eat and such because places were open, but we were not prepared for even those 4 days food or water wise. Im glad that I am more ready now and I know I have a long ways to go but at least I can have some peace of mind knowing we are good for a little bit especially with some of the weather blowing through this year.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:31 pm
by ForwardPreppers
I grew up on the MS gulf coast most of my childhood so hurricanes are a familiar visitor. The heat, humidity and bugs are the follow up to the storm itself. OMG
We were blessed to have cool weather prior to, during and just after this storm.
However, the fire ants are mounded up all over. We've been stung every single day.

Another observation to share, we used about 10 gallons of gas. Hubs said he learned after Katrina that the more you have running on the generator, the more fuel you use. That's why we didn't hook up everything- plus it would be too many cords running all over. We chose to live with a few items instead.

One of our prepper neighbors purchased a propane generator (3,000 watt) & had an electrician wire it into the house. This was strong enough to run his house but not his well pump, so he didn't have water either but they ran everything, unlike us. His generator took his grill propane line so they couldn't use it to cook on. For them, they were satisfied with this set up. They came to our rain barrel for water to flush and wash dishes. They drank bottled water. Afterward they admitted to having forgotten about their Aqua-tainer and leaving buckets out to capture rain water off their roof that could've been used for flushing.

Also overheard 2 ladies at Walmart yesterday saying they lost everything in their fridge and freezer - too me, having saved all that investment was our main priority with the generator.

As an ironic side note, the solar team started our install today :D

Mrs FP

Re: Harvey - Irma Survivers/ Preppers

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:04 am
by Genevieve
Not being a smart azz here but why didn't people set containers outside when it was raining to get water for flushing? Its only common sense.
I scratch my head every time I see where someone didn't have any way to flush but it was raining outside.......what?.....seriously?

Re: Harvey - Irma Survivers/ Preppers

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:11 am
by nancym8384
We always have water, food and supplies ready. Our problem is we live in an 'orange' or 'B' flood zone. When you hear about evacuations being mandated, this is NOT for wind severity; it is for flooding/storm surge. We had to go to a shelter out of the flood zone. I would love any recommendations for places to shelter in such instances that may be private... We live in Charlotte County FL but are very close to Sarasota County (we have pets also). Thanks!

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:02 am
by Gunns
This is good information thanks folks.

I have two take aways.

1 - Get water dispensers by each sink. Good idea.
2 - Rain catchment. That is still high on my list.

I got the power thing fixed. Whole house gennie with 2 1000 gallon LP tanks buried. Stove and water heater use LP too. Have a way to hook the well back into the house so with the gennie and well I should be set there. Of course I have fall back plans like 2 portable gennies with gas safely stored.

Re: Harvey - Irma Survivers/ Preppers

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:20 pm
by ForwardPreppers
Gunns - what is your best estimate on how long you could go on your LP should the SHTF?
Our friends down the way we're going to get a dedicated tank just for their generator.

In regards to the question about putting out buckets to catch storm rain - concern that they would blow away maybe. We left one bucket out because I always do to water my plants on my front porch.

On a funny note, as I stated, it doesn't take long to form a routine and I was still going into the bathroom and pantry yesterday with no lights! :p

Mrs FP

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:51 am
by Cin
Good idea. I have the big Aqua-tainers from WM, but the smaller gallon ones would be a better idea at the bathroom sinks. Another good idea is the wet-wipes, I use those for camping,but I guess I need to invest in some for home use during power outages.

Gunns wrote:This is good information thanks folks.

I have two take aways.

1 - Get water dispensers by each sink. Good idea.

Re: Harvey - Irma Survivers/ Preppers

PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:11 pm
by Rosemead
WOW, what great posts. Do see a reoccurring theme with the generators. Some start of the season inspection/maintenance, fuel seems to be the main issues.

Thank you all and our prayers are with you.