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Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Please introduce yourself here.

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Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby North Idaho Patriot » Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:20 pm

The American Preppers Network is conducting a network-wide roll call.

Colorado Preppers, please reply to this post and let us know what you are doing to prep.

Are you new or not sure where to start?

Here are a few tips

The APN focuses heavily on promoting our state groups at the regional and local levels, more so than most forums. Here is the State Network directory, use it to get to know and communicate with others near you.

Some other things you can do:
* Check in to your states group at least once or twice a week to help keep your local groups active
* See a storm or disaster in your area? Post about it and let others know
* Find a good deal at a local merchant? Tell us about it.
* Join your local CERT teams. Each state directory has a link that lists the teams in your state.
* Join ANTS (Americans Networking To Survive) ANTS is a unique group that forms supply chains between members so that members should not have to rely on the government for emergency supplies in a disaster. Here is their website: http://www.americansnetworkingtosurvive.org/
Here is their sub-forum here on APN: viewforum.php?f=618
* Join a local survival, preparedness, or sustainable living meetup group, or start one yourself. Meetup.com is a great social network that helps you meet others near you. APN is offering for a limited time free Meetup.com pages for our Gold members who want to start local Preppers meetups. Normally these pages are $20 a month to get started but with APN Gold membership being only $5 a month you can realize a net savings of $15 a month. Here is information on the offer: viewtopic.php?f=606&t=9170

Here on the APN learning is free. Our index page (index.php) is organized and categorized so that you can browse easily by subject to find the categories you are looking for. If you dont see a topic that you are looking for you can use the search bar. If you still can't find what you are looking for, then pose a question in the appropriate category and our members are more than happy to share their knowledge.

Resources here on the forum:
* The basics section here on the forum: viewforum.php?f=616
* The Survival, preparedness, and sustainable living directory: viewforum.php?f=12

Free downloads:
* http://cd3wd.com/ (Over 4,000 titles totally over 13 gigabytes)
* http://www.preppers.info/Free_Downloads.html (Over 300 ebooks, manuals and pdfs for download or get them all on disk for free. There is a suggested donation of $2.97 to help cover shipping and handling)
* http://www.stevespages.com/page7c.htm Hundreds of military training manuals and coursebooks for download
*Here is an article on how to build your survival library for pennies on the dollar: http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.com/ ... y-for.html

By sharing what you know on how to prepare, survive, or live sustainable you are helping others to become more self-reliant in the process. "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime." The more prepared everyone is and the more self-reliant everyone is, the freer we all are. When the unprepared become prepared they are no longer a liability for everyone else. Understand the difference between being in a disaster where there is only one able bodied person who is prepared and 10 who are unprepared vs a disaster where there are 10 prepared and only one who is in need. An unprepared populace that is dependent on the Government means less freedom for YOU. Do you see how you can "Find Freedom Through Teaching Others Self-Reliance"?

Some things you can do:
*Share your knowledge on these forums. You may find it to be a fair and equitable barter when you do. If are able to learn something from others here, then repay the favor by sharing with them what you know.
*Contribute articles to the blogs. The APN and state blogs are member and reader contributed blogs. We are holding a weekly contest now: viewtopic.php?f=606&t=9086
*Attend the local meetups if there are any in your community and teach your skills.

Do you have most of the bases covered already? Then reply to this post and tell us what you've been doing to prepare. You may inspire others to try something new. Good luck and Prep On!
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby Lace23 » Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:14 am

Checking in.

Took a class today on Herbal remedies for cold and flu with a big focus being on local Colorado ingredients and things you can grow yourself. I'm inspired to add to my herb garden in front of the house and begin trying my own remedies. I found it to be very informative and worthwhile.
Colorado Preppers Network
Colorado Preppers Network
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby Vashti » Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:40 am

I just signed up to take a class to get my technician's class amateur radio license. We have about 6 months of food for 10 people stored in and around our home. This year we're planting berry bushes and fruit trees in addition to an ambitious garden with plenty of vegis, grains, culinary, medicinal and tea herbs.
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby Asatrur » Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:22 pm

Checking in from the Northern Front Range
We have been working on getting chickens
Hiking and biking to get in better shape
Started a ton of seedlings for the garden
Continuing our auqaponics experiment
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Colorado Preppers Network
Colorado Preppers Network
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby cherokeenut » Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:13 pm

I saw this in my email and thought I'd log in to chime in. Just a short, we pulled all of our food stores out and rotated out those that were expired or close to it, don't let this sneek up on you. Wew had to buy nearly $200 worth of mainly veggies and fruit, good news is dinners will be more tasty! Will be using my last $149 Harbor Freight solar coupon this weekend, that will make 6 kits for a total of 24 panels.
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby bigraves » Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:07 pm

The past week or so I have been stocking up on the "little things" in life. Family sanitation, medical supplies, antibiotics. I also picked up a couple more batteries for my UPS. Stuff like that.

Also learned that I will be moving to Florida this July. So my prepping may change from long underwear to bug repellent!

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Colorado Preppers Network
Colorado Preppers Network
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby ActionJackson » Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:47 pm

My wife estimates that we have enough freeze dried food to keep us fed for nearly 2 years. I don't know how accurate her estimate is but I know we have lots of food stored up. I bought some more silver the other day and continue to add to my collection when I can. We have more than 200 gallons of water stored in the basement and I own 3 Berkey Water Filters. I have more than enough medical supplies, guns, and ammo. We have two BOBs full of essentials should we need to flee the area.
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby Awake » Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:58 pm

Hi ~ I'm Awake... Checking in for roll call.

I'm preparing more and more every day... I'm dehydrating food, buying extra for long time storing, water, water filters, networking with others of like mind, reading and forwarding articles on "Current Events", listen to radio shows - Dr John Waterman - The Waterman Files; Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Rumor Mill News, Steve Quayle, Stan Deyo, David Icke, David Wilcock, etc, etc. My local network includes self protection, tools and supplies, materials and services to barter, computer, radio, and communication security - MetroPipe, Freedom Caster,.... we're serious and keep planning with more and more...

Of course, we may not have enough, so any help we can get would be welcomed - and any help we may provide we are happy to do so !

~ Awake
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby Empress » Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:50 pm

Hey, Empress checking in...

we've got about 1-1&1/2 years of food, building up a homestead type farm. Just got the solar panels installed, and the wind generator is about ready to go. (some weird issue the installer has to figure out) when you have no way to get water BUT the 900ft well, you find POWER. few cows, garden, 36 fruit trees put in last spring, (assuming they didn't die in the horrid cold) etc... working on knowledge canning, gardens, DH claims he wants to learn how to hunt and butcher etc. found a few holes in my preps the other day. The kids used ALL my band-aids !!! how did THAT happen? weird stuff happens with 6 kids. oh we just found out #7 is on the way also, so I'd better add baby junk back into the preps. sigh. I thought we were done with that.
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby Crusis » Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:15 pm

It's..... Crusis!

We've got about a year of food on hand now, enough guns and ammo for a group of 6 or so, a complete library of survival and primitive living books, stocks of clothes, meds (wife is RN), candies, trade goods, dog food, and water. We have a freezer full of meat and a generator. If electricity goes out will can all the meat right away, we have plenty of jars and lids. We have solar panels like 'nut does, but not so many.

Still need to do: Get the big Berkey water filter. Buy more #10 cans of freeze dried food for variety in the diet.

Doing now: Buying silver, silver stocks, and Chinese industrial stocks. China is growing, doesn't have a currency crisis. I hate to say it, but investing in them makes sense at the moment to me.

I feel pretty good about our preps, so right now I'm doing all I can to ensure that my family doesn't come out the other side of hyperinflation or dollar collapse poor and homeless. Right now the price of $150,000 American home is about 4200 ounces of silver. Real estate is going down, silver is still going up. I expect to pay for a home outright with 500 ounces of silver at some point. So I keep adding physical silver to my storage locker.
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby mmszbi » Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:53 pm

Howdy all. I am impressed with all the food you guys have built up, I think we could survive about 5-6 months at this point, but it is growing all the time. Been changing over some of my firearms into more SHTF types, sold my favorite Kimber 45 and replaced with high cap XDm 45, stuff like that. Been doing some coyote hunting, not really a prep thing, but am going into some parts of the state exploring and learning a LOT about my surrounding area, where there is water, etc.
Finally started water storage, been getting a few of the 7 gallon storage jugs at wallyworld.
Getting closer to having the woodstove, got the kit to go through the wall, now only need the chimney pieces and up she goes. Found a supplier of 3 ft diameter 1/2 inch steel pipe so now just to have a piece cut and backyard firepit can go in, 3rd way of cooking solved.
Wood purchased for the 5 new raised beds in the garden.
Slowly but surely.....
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Colorado Preppers Network
Colorado Preppers Network
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby ramack » Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:24 pm

Checkin' in.

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Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby selfreliance4me » Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:30 pm

My husband and I have stocked up on camping gear. We had planned a dry run for this weekend but hubby has to work Saturday 3am, so that plan is shot. A dry run BOB camping trip is in the works, we want to see how our gear holds up, what we are forgetting, etc.

We are also working on stocking up with meat. I experimented with making jerky on the last deer, this time I'd like to devote more meat to it. We practise hunting and butchering. I am still looking for an old math textbook to complete the self taught education course pre-1930's.

We are also looking at our group and planning a camping trip with those who are a part of our survival buddies. All of the camping crap is strewn around the house while we "organize and reorganize" it, label it, and move it to storage.

Colorado Preppers meetups continue to occur every 4th Thursday of the month at Panera Bread 1832 Southgate Rd in Colorado Springs.
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby HuntnFreak » Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:12 am

On a roll - dealing with priorities, networking locally and helping others get started.
Colorado Preppers Network
Colorado Preppers Network
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Re: Colorado Preppers Roll Call 3/06/11

Postby Dreygon » Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:49 am

Hi folks,

Just checking in. We continue to move towards sustainability. Getting a new batch of chicks in about a week. I have a large library of preparedness and survival materials. I am continually adding to and improving my workshop with those things that enable me to make or repair almost anything no high tech.


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