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Evacuate Earth. Ultimate Bugout!

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Evacuate Earth. Ultimate Bugout!

Postby CarlosB4 » Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:55 am

Hi everyone,

As I was searching Youtube for anything new on DDP I found this video Documentary that NAT GEO tied in with it. I saw the full 90 minutes and I can say it truly is the ultimate Bugout scenario. Watch it for entertainment and educational factors if you like, I just felt it was cool to share.

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Re: Evacuate Earth. Ultimate Bugout!

Postby Fenix » Fri Dec 21, 2012 1:22 am

I thought it was nice of the girl in the beginning to just leave her boyfriend behind in the truck as she ran away.
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No, you may not quote me for any book, or use any of my posts on this topic or any other for any reason without my express written permission.
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Re: Evacuate Earth. Ultimate Bugout!

Postby TimWhite » Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:51 pm

Yeah I watched that on nat geo about a week ago, It was how would you say different.
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Re: Evacuate Earth. Ultimate Bugout!

Postby nth_time » Sun Dec 23, 2012 4:07 pm

I think they got the technology of the spaceship right, O'Neill cylinder with Project Orion nuclear pulse propulsion but they got the size and assembly wrong.

The material should not be launched from the Earth but mined from the Moon and asteroids. The first one should be a small work camp, a Stanford Torus that can hold hundreds of people using Algae for the food and oxygen production, this can be built quickly, in the 70's NASA said a 20,000 people Stanford Torus could be built in 20 years.

The small ships provides a workforce that can start work on the large O'Neill cylinder and several other small "workcamps", the more people you can get into space, the more escape vessels you can build. A geometric growth of a fleet of ships would result in far more people being evacuated and more biomes such as tropical, arctic, dessert etc. being made to preserve more diverse environments. A given nuclear explosion or series of explosions can propel many Orion space crafts at the same time. The ships that leave will be mostly bulk materials, densely populated crew sections using algae for life support and food, small biomes for the few cows, elephants and ostriches needed to gestate other life forms. The large rural biomes can be assembled enroute. People would be stacked into the spaceships, accommodations would be like the Japanese capsule hotels, the environment would be like shopping malls and fast food courts, the townhouses and countryside would be built later.

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors would be used because Thorium is easily detected and refined, it could be mined enroute from asteroids and comets.

The destination need not have a habitable planet, plenty of asteroids would allow the construction of more habitats and a sun would provide easy energy but the survivors could actually be nomads between the stars, mining asteroids, comets and rogue planets. I would just point the ships at Proxima Centauri and hope for the best rather than look for Earth 2.

I don't think diabetics and other genetic afflictions should be weeded out, they may be useful adaptations and frozen embryo and sperm banks would provide genetic diversity without having to practice immoral eugenics in the selection process. Talents, skills and cultures should be the selecting criteria as those can not be frozen.

I also believe there will be steak, maybe even elephant steaks, not just the worms and insects the show says will be the protein source. Large mammals can serve as artificial wombs to gestate other mammals when the need arises so we could have horses, goat, camels etc. where ever we go, just from frozen embryos and sperm but only if we kept a few cows alive. Steaks can also be inkjet printed from stem cells.

I believe that funds could be raised by selling space in the frozen embryo and sperm bank as well as digital gene mapping storage and storing digital images of your brain. I suspect there will be intentional suicides in the last few years to slice the brain micrometer by micrometer to digitally store each layer. Not only does this raise funds but allows people to believe that they can be included in the evacuation. The technology to revive their intelligence would have to be developed later but it would be conceivable to do so. Indeed, if computer technology advances enough, survivors could be completely digital and simply inkjet printed at the destination or as needed.

I also believe individual low budget preppers would build small ships on the ground using algae as the primary life support, these "ships" would be freed from the Earth when the Earth disintegrates and would bravely pilot a slingshot maneuver around the neutron star hopefully in an intercept course with the ark ship or simply to a distance where safe habitat can be made from the rubble around the neutron star. Governments would prohibit the sale of uranium or plutonium to the preppers so they would expose liquid fluoride thorium to the neutron radiation from the neutron star to initiate liquid fluoride thorium reactors which means they would have to wait 30 days before having enough uranium 233 for the nuclear reactor or to produce any propulsion units for an orion drive. The Uranium 233 would make the propulsion units dangerous to be around as it would emit gamma rays so robotics and shielded control systems would be needed for the bombs. Chemical rockets for the initial escape and solar and batteries must be used for the first 30 days which means they won't get very far in the first month.

Also, robotic directed panspermia probes would first be sent in case all efforts failed, at least that would spread life to nearby stars.

A neutron star is small ( 10 kilometers ), you have to be really close for tidal forces to rip you apart, the most likely result of a rogue neutron star is not the obliteration of all planets in a solar system but the ejection of a few planets into interstellar space and the creation of a large asteroid belt. A better survival strategy would be to build underground habitats powered by geothermal energy in case the Earth is ejected out of the solar system or maneuvering the spaceship to stay with our Sun as the neutron star passed and rebuild habitats with the resources from the asteroid belt. It may even be possible to live in the debris ring around the neutron star though the radiation levels would be high.

In truth, no one would be able to say there is a 100% chance of destruction by a neutron star in 75 years. It would start as a 1 in 200,000 chance, increasing with each year. It would be like a hurricane cone of certainty. People would not jump on a global evacuation plan, they would debate endlessly on whether or not it will happen. The only survivors will be the small scale preppers building much smaller spaceships but they would effectively be lost in space or by preppers in deep bunkers on a frozen Steppenwolf planet.

National Geographic needs better scientists to interview. They're close with this show but they missed so many points and caved in on the immoral eugenics idea.
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