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Knox County Prepper

PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:48 am
by MsMossRose
Hi all!

Not exactly new to prepping but I find I learn more and more every day. I am 30yo and a nurse. Recently took a CCW class and am now taking gun lessons. I have set goals and been working hard on my prepping plan for a couple years. In fact my family and I was going to move to Tennessee within the next 6 months (was planning to find/buy land) and start preparing the home/BOL. However, I feel an uneasiness recently and I'm worried that SHTF will happen before I can make the move and get set up. Even my non-prepper friends seem to feel something bad is going to happen. So I have had to really consider what to do if it happens before I can leave. Im concerned about the lack of Illinois preppers in my area. VERY concerned about the all around Illinois situation even without a SHTF scenario. I know every bit helps but there are some serious areas I need to work on if I can't get out of this state. Specially because bugging in at my current location is not a good idea.

Due to my profession, the medical prepping has been the easiest for me. I have been working on becoming proficient in canning/cooking/Storing food and have branched out into wild edibles. Still working towards meeting my 6 month storage goal. Learning online and youtube as much as I can, even if I can't put it to use yet. :)

Re: Knox County Prepper

PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:27 pm
by PatrioticStabilist
We are in southern Indiana and I feel very comfortable here. Safer then anyplace we considered. We left
north of Houston as that would be a nightmare scenario. We are very rural, pretty well prepared, not a ton
of neighbors and good growing and hunting plus fishing area.

This is it permanently.