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If you live in the Burbs, be aware of SB16 in Illinois ..

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If you live in the Burbs, be aware of SB16 in Illinois ..

Postby Rgearhead » Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:00 pm

Yep, Im a Burb dweller , about 15 miles out side ChiTcago....there is a senate bill 16 (sb16) that passed the Senate and is to be voted on in the house this fall, It's a feel good bill for spring field, they want to fix poor area's school inequality ...State school funding in Illinois is one of the lowest in the nation, only around 30% comes from the state for schools, the rest is from local peoples property taxes....I pay over 6k in property taxes now and my school district ranks pretty decent today...

well the plan with sb16 is to take 95% of that pittance of 30% and redirect it to poor city schools, sounds great''' they do not want to touch their state slush funds or pork belly cash o la to in crease that 30% to help poor school districts, just take what little us working middle class gets from the state and redirect it...

if State Senators made widgets and sold them on street corners to have state money , Ok .... but where does the state get this awesome cash.... Ya, mostly middle class family's spending and paying taxes on all goods n services, so Ya it's our money....

well a sharp Neighbor Chafee crunched the #s for my school district and 9 others around us, and it's insane, my district would have to cut 84 positions or raise my taxes 14% which would be another $900 a year..

after reading about agenda 21 and recently reading redistributing the wealth, then seeing this bill, I was like there it is right at my front door....I made a bunch of calls to Illinois senators office's stating this is NO way to fix the problem...
I feel this will not improve inner city schools that are gang infested, all the money in the world cant fix stupid, but it will try bring down decent burban' schools, there lie's your equality ...

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