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Postby BTgirls » Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:01 pm

Hey byeze. I actually started out with primitive and have worked toward more modern skills as time has gone on.. I hunt so I started with primitive hunting stills (my first self bow was made from scraps of wood I salvaged from a shipping crate my parents tub came in when I was 10).. I also create my own arrows, broad heads etc. I then started with primitive firearms, as well as fly fishing with my own hand tied flies... So you may say, yeah but a lot of people do those things.. But I look at it this way.. They are peppers and they don't realize it... I just figured that part out earlier than they did. From there I make concerted efforts to practice primitive fire methods.. Flint and steel and bow drill being my personal favorites.. ( they make great party tricks at the campfire in the summer)... I also have worked with primitive trapping methods (although living in the people's republic of MA makes this only practice as these methods used by our ancestors are against the law in MA).. Aside from that I try to do everything I can to reuse rather than purchase things I need. See most people see this as being cheep, but I am prepping.. Learning to do things for yourself and reusing things even if it means you have to fix them since they are broken, means that you are prepping... Our ancestors made do with very little. I feel that primitive means a state of mind not a set of rule books that some archeologist says is the way things were.

One last thought ... And it is a saying that you may or may not have heard before.

'We the willing
Lead by the unknowing
Have done so much
For so long
With so little,
We are now able
To do absolutely anything
With nothing
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