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Coming out of the Bunker....

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Re: Coming out of the Bunker....

Postby cosn_asap » Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:37 pm

Permafrost wrote:The more I think about it I would definitely be with only my family. I have friends I have considered picking up from town but they bring to much baggage and not enough benefit, which is sad because some of them would be considered preppers in other places. Alaska has 0.83 people per square mile. I've gone months without seeing a person. I fear winter more than I fear people finding me. Besides all the people will be heading south from here in a real SHTF situation, once the modern conveniences are gone there are not to many people that want to be here in winter at -60.

Wow... no wonder your name is Permafrost... You differently captured preparing on your own... I like the the winter and practice a lot with Search and Rescue in that environment, but never in that temperature.... Hope the best for you!!!
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Re: Coming out of the Bunker....

Postby Permafrost » Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:06 pm

I'm not on my own all the time, just when I go out now. I work camp jobs so I have large chunks of time off. It is hard to find your limits and know what you are capable of if you are in a group, if you have help then you can not figure out what you can do on your own. For me the wilderness is a escape, the ability to live or die by my own skills and see the world without the illusion of civilization. Due to work schedules some of my family are getting out less in the last few years, and some careers are being reconsidered. I have a wife & some nephews, a daughter if the visitation is right. A native family adopted/befriended me a few years ago and now I am their "white nephew" in that village if I travel there. The winter keeps us safe here and keeps the americans out of the bush for the most part, but it is a high price to pay. There are not many that choose this life that were not born into it, even some that were born into it run as far as they can from the bush/village lifestyle.
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